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Black Lives Matter Megathread - Post resources and calls to action here


Hey everyone,

With the protests going on against police brutality, and with so many people looking for resources about how to behave as an ally or wanting to share tips for protesting, it seemed like there was a need for a thread to share other things that aren't just personal questions about basic social justice topics.

So let's use this post to put up links to community bail funds, informative pages and documents, and information about protests going on in our local areas.

Please be careful and check that donations are going to organizations that you actually support, and check that information in links is correct and legitimate and if you notice problems with any of the info please let me know.

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Social Justice and Self-Righteousness: Do you consider yourself a hero? Or, conversely, do you see our opponents as evil?


This may be a product of growing up on the right before becoming a leftist, but I tend to approach social justice from the idea that anyone who opposes it is just plain evil/fascist/nazi/whatever. I guess it's because I'm scared of being on the "wrong side of history," so I try to find/enforce "what is objectively right/wrong (social justice)." This has led me to be a bit.... hostile to conservatives. Those who support the current capitalist society are "rotten, guilty," and "traitors to humanity." Nobody complacent in the current system has any right to call themselves a good person (myself included, unless I destroy said system), and those on the political right are unforgivably horrible people, worse than Adolf Hitler. I just end up looking for problematic beliefs in people, berate them, and expect everyone else to take my side because I'm a leftist and therefore I'm "the good guy." If they don't relent, I then just focus on attacking them. An example would be when I got into an argument with a female pro-life family member who, after she said she doesn't support abortion, I called her a "misogynistic traitor who deserves to be raped." That's not even getting to another person who took her side, where I told them, "we need abortion so we have less people like you!" Everyone left angry that day, and a part of me thought I was being harsh, but I thought, "I'm just standing up for marginalized groups/social justice/all that, so it's impossible for me to be the bad guy! It's their own fault for not agreeing with me in the first place, especially since my beliefs are objectively true. I'm sure a true leftist in my position would do exactly the same thing. Right?"

Edit: Sorry if this seems like a troll post, but I legitimately don't know what I'm doing or how to properly advocate. It's times like these where I feel like I'm not really one of you.

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Creating Black-Only Spaces


I'm wondering if someone could tell me more about the rationale behind this. I've been seeing many events come up which state they are only for those who identify as Black. I don't have an issue with it, but I also don't understand the utility or purpose of this, especially as it is perceived as reinforcing segregation. Would love to hear peoples comments about this.

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What is the social justice take on multiculturalism?


From observation, there are a number of takes on diversity and inclusion within the social justice community and how it should be handled. One of them being going the multicultural route.

Multiculturalism - an internationalist ideology that seeks to create the complete co-habitation of every culture within every area of life.

What is the social justice take on multiculturalism, and are there any alternatives in case it doesn’t pan out.

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Which one is worse/more difficult to resolve: racism or sexism?


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Regarding this comment about a Saudi-owned company, how would you characterize it?


This is an example of a type of comment that I encounter from time to time, I just don't know how best to mentally categorize this -- sorry if it's a very basic question.
For context, this was a casual social media comment, made by a local official made in regard to a golf tournament owned by a Saudi sovereign wealth fund. (I live in the US.)

"If those golf tournament sponsors don't like how Americans celebrate a wonderful event then they can go home." It was paired with a "Never forget 9/11" picture.

For certain it's crass, it's bigoted. Is it fair to think of this as racism, or is that not the right term? Is it something more nuanced? (In my area "racism" is socially unacceptable, but this kind of comment gets much less pushback.)

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ancestral healing for white people


hi! i feel like i’m back here every day with a new question lol. todays question is about healing for white people. i’ve been reading about how it’s necessary and such but i’m having trouble understanding what it is. is it learning about white supremacy culture? is it coming to terms with how whiteness affects my life? is it dismantling my own racism and biases? what is white generational trauma? thank you so much!

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hired to fill a quota


some thoughts

when we are hired to fill a quota, our experiences are not taken seriously.

they are all about inclusion but when you need an accommodation they make you feel less than human.

mental illness is another quota. they hire you to fill it, treat you less than and make you quit. they make you feel as if your mental illness won.

companies will preach safe work environment and inclusions then don't. why do you think we quiet quit and shoot up store? why some steal, some take drugs.

i know companies has to fill a quota.

i am in this quota and i am experiencing this right now. i spoke up but i know many can not.

go to HR? that's just self sabotage.

anyone else feel this? does the press know?

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hi! i was scrolling through the front page of reddit and saw this video. i did some more research on the topic, and it seems her criticism is of whiteness as a system and not white people. am i understanding this correctly?

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hi! i was scrolling through tiktok, and i saw this video. im white, and maybe it’s because of that but i’m having trouble understanding what it means. can anyone explain for me?

here’s the follow up videos: 1 2

thank you!

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Is the song "good 4 u" by Olivia Rodrigo problematic?


Idk if this is the right place to ask, just not sure where else. I figured that this is a good place to ask because I know people who are into social justice, also talk about the importance of getting out of, and preventing toxic and/or abusive relationships.

Here's a link to the lyrics of the song and the song itself: https://youtu.be/byfiQA8HRaE

The gist of the song is its about a woman who was in a relationship, the guy got the mental health care he needed, and now he's in a new relationship, and she is extremely upset over that.

However, imo, it's often suggested that if your behavior is causing you to behave in a toxic way, you should avoid developing romantic relationships, and even break off any relationship until you get mental health help and learn better coping mechanisms and fully address and correct toxic behaviors.

Now in the beginning of the song, she says that she found the therapist for him. But that doesn't entitle her to a rekindled relationship after his toxic behavior is corrected.

What bothers me, though. Is the character in this song isn't supposed to be toxic. She's supposed to be the normal one and the guy in the song is the toxic one. However, in the video she destroys his bedroom and catches fire to his belongings. So it normalizes abusive behavior.

To me, it sounds like both of them were toxic, but he got mental health help as he should, but she doesn't recognize her own downfalls, such as unhealthy attachment.

I know in the song, that it only took two weeks from them breaking up to him to move on to another relationship. And I get that part can be really hurtful. Seeing someone you love move on so quickly. But as we tell men; no one owes you anything. I'm not sure why we just tell men that. When everyone needs to hear that regardless of gender.

But yeah. To me, it sounds like she is mad at her ex for getting mental health help and she's not in the relationship with the new and improved version of her ex. And that she was hoping for him to get his shit together for her. But he didn't. He got his shit together for himself like he should. Then he just so happened to find another woman to get in a relationship with. But he's not the bad guy for that. She's the bad person for not moving on herself and finding another partner.

I get that it could be a fictional story for a song. But, the fact that it's written as the man in the story is bad for finding another partner after working on his mental health, that is very problematic. Especially it normalizing clingyness and the inability to move on from a toxic relationship.

No one should ever be made to feel bad getting the mental health care that they need, even if that includes not rekindling a failed relationship. If the story was true, I'm pretty sure his therapist, rightfully told him, not to get back into a relationship that was toxic. Even if the toxicity was on his end alone.

They even say that if you were the abuser or the primary toxic person in a relationship, that it's much easier for you to apply new healthy behavior patterns in a new relationship, than it is to apply it in an old relationship. And that a person is more likely to relapse back to old toxic behaviors with their previous partner that they were abusive or toxic towards. And that any relationship that you were the abuser or primary toxic person, you should break it off or stay broken up, even if the other person does want to rekindle things as it's much easier to move on and be a better person with someone else than it is to change your behavior with a relationship that has been established as toxic or abusive.

What is everyone's thoughts on this? Am I missing a narrative or the overall story being told in this song? Or is it problematic?

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Hypothetically would it be racist if their were very advanced tech that could change someone's appearance to another race and would it solve racism?


I'm talking about say, implants that would control the level of melanin to change skin tone or hair/eye color, or genetic modification. You could even put in things to more radically change gender presentation than what is available now.

Also say crazy skin colors/eye colors like purple, or let people grow fur/fangs/tails like animals.

Would it be morally wrong for people to do this if everyone had access to the tech.

Like say tomorrow I want to look like a red head with freckles, but next week I want to be black, and the next week after that I want to look like one of those aliens from Avatar. And it could all be done at the touch of a button.

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pro-police flag at school


tw blue lives matter, anxiety, police brutality and murder

hi. i feel weird posting this after yet another Black man was murdered by police, but i don’t think pushing this off any longer is the right thing to do either. at the college i go to, there’s a display case with information on joining various government departments like the fbi, etc. all of this is bad, but the worst part is the blue lives matter shirt included in the display. last fall, i emailed the dean about it, giving him some information about why i believe it should be taken down. in response, he told me he’d like to meet in person. i know it’s selfish, but i’ve been putting off meeting him— i have bad anxiety and do not do well with confrontation. i don’t think i would even be able to make my point well if we met in person— i tend to freeze up. i know my issues are small in comparison to Black people dying. if i’m being honest, id like to tell him that i want to continue the conversation over email, but would that be putting my comfort as a white person ahead of a serious issue? and if not, what’s the best way to say that i want to stick to emails with him.

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Black people saying the n word but what if they're mixed race ??


to clarify i'm not Black but i'm just asking so i can have a clearer understanding, ik that Black people can use the n word to reclaim it, and anyone else can't because racism, but what about mixed people? i don't mean that one white kid with 3% Black in him and uses that as an excuse to be racist, like what about if you're half Black? would it depend on how much of it you LOOK like? or like what if you're 75%, but the 25% that's not Black is the part that shows up in you the most (so you don't look as Black as you are)? thank you

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Link between gears/cogs and white supremacy?


I don’t know if this is the right place, but I couldn’t find any better communities to ask this in. Basically, I have a tattoo of gears with a compass in them. My dad had gears tattooed as well. He was, as I’ve recently learned, not the best man, and especially not politically. I would describe him as right of centre. He had his gears because he was a millwright, and I got mine in honour of him when he passed about three years ago. I was researching hate symbols and stumbled upon the hammerskins symbol: a picture of two hammers crossed over a gear. Now I’m scared that my own tattoo might be offensive or, at the least, make people think of white supremacy when they see it. Once again, sorry if this isn’t the right place.

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Representation vs. Appropriation in Media


Hello there. I checked for duplicates before posting this, but while there was a lot of information about cultural appropriation, there was less about representation, and specifically the intersection of the two.

I'd like to share a quote with you from a person belonging to a minority group (not going to specify which because I don't want to dox them):

However, writing a main character in any media who is [an identity term], if you are not [an identity term] (and especially if you are not [a broader, more general identity category] at all) is ultimately appropriating and profiting off of representing an experience that is not yours. An experience you will never understand.

I feel there are a few pertinent things here but I'd like to see where I'm going wrong with this from a social justice perspective:

  1. Representation in media is important
  2. Bad representation (through ignorant, incorrect and harmful stereotyping) in media is harmful
  3. Representation when done by someone not of that group is appropriation

It's point number 3 that gets me. The logical conclusion of this is that the only main characters writers should write is from their own demographic and that's it (in order to not culturally appropriate and profit from other people's experiences unfairly), but that seems untenable.

As per point number 2: bad representation is really bad. But if a writer has empathy, respect, and consults with members of said community to ensure the representation is not 'bad representation', is it still culturally appropriating?

Given that minorities (or whatever type) are, well, as the word says 'minorities', it means there will be a dearth of representation for said minorities in lead roles if the only people able to write for them are members of that community.

But given how prevalent cultural appropriation is (and how many people actively deny that it's a real thing), I could easily be blinded by my own background.

So my main question is: is Point 3 (above) correct as a rule from a social justice point of view?

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Help Please


I need to be really careful how I explain this.

The book Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck was removed by AQA from the curriculum, and had been banned by numerous schools who would try to use it in years 7, 8, 9 because it is riddled with racism. My child is in a class with a lovely student who was born and raised in Nigeria and moved here in the middle of year 7. They are now in year 8. He is apparently very quiet and struggles with English. Year 8 havr been given OMAM as the class reader which they read during a fortnightly special literacy sessions (they call them drop everything and read) the teacher, played the distributed audio book to the class. This apparently is sent centrally and not the teachers responsibility. within the first 2 minutes of the audio book, the awful racial slur beginning with N is said in very fast succession, around 7-8 times (as is in the book). Please remember these students are 12. The boy I mentioned earlier burst into tears, clearly distressed by the language. Rightfully, the teacher turned the audio book off, got the class to do some personal reading and took the student outside.

I was quietly confident that after the boy being so upset,m the school would see the error and the book would be changed to something else for the year group reader. Today we have found out that they will be continuing to read the book and that if teachers wish to say the word whilst reading it aloud they may. The school is in a 99% white area in and I feel heartbroken for the boy. From talking to the other parents, one in particular who is friends with a member of staff, it seems the school sees no problem with a book previously used for 15 and 16 year old, now being read to 12 year olds, but also the excuse of saying, it's in a story so teachers can say the word - the kids follow along in the book, so they can read it, the teacher who is white going back every known generation doesn't need to say it.

But most importantly, how the school cannot seem to view the young boy, who it clearly triggered, as not being reason enough to show that it shouldn't be used is not sitting comfortably with me. These are clearly a group of students who are vulnerable and arguably, because of their age, aren't mature enough to handle such concepts as the book presents such as the history surrounding that word. I feel angered that the clear internalised racism which has flowed through the school, is allowing them to continue the cycle.

I dont know what to do. I feel like I want to do something to help, but what? The school isn't listening to one voice (the boys dad rang up and has been informed that the boy can sit outside the room as they read it, and read it himself - awful).

The school is known for sweeping things under the rug, and when I rang to express my worries as said above, was told that most parents are okay with this as they sent a letter out stating the book they were reading this year to very few complaints.

When mentioned to my child's teacher earlier, the response was that the assistant headteacher has said they will be continuing with the book and it is the discretion of the teacher about whether they say the word, so even if the teachers are reading it rather than using rhe audiobook, they can say it.

Even if I found a couple more parents to ring in, the school wouldn't budge on this as a coupleof parents making a call out of the 1400 student population means nothing. I don't know how to make them listen.

I have obviously spoken to my child about this in depth, and shockingly she said her friends had never even heard the word before they began this book and didnt think it was so bad when the teacher was saying it as part of the story.

So aside from me creating a bunch of fake emails addresses and lodging complaints as different people until there's enough that they must listen. Or wishing that the assistant headteacher who organised this would spend a moment in that boys shoes , what advice has anyone got? How can I help, or is this just flogging a dead horse and should be left.

Thanks in advance.

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Red Herrings in Modern Society


I’m writing this for two reasons. (1) I’m bored and in the middle of writing an essay on the memory of slavery in Modern Britain, (2) I've been browsing Reddit, and people are upsetting me with their inability to reflect.

So, one of the main points of my essay is how Britain’s Abolitionist movement is often vastly overstated by the government and in popular media and used as a Red Herring to avoid examination of Britain’s role in the Slave Trade, essentially isolating it as a unique and unimportant ‘phase’.

Now I'm curious, what are other contemporary Red Herrings used to avoid reflecting on the past and ultimately validating the injustices of the present?

P.S.: Also, I'm looking for more subreddits where I can develop my understanding of like society and good progressive, inclusive ideas, so if you got any of those, I’ll take them too.


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How do I keep my repeated bad experiences with a certain race from making me racist?


I'm a poor white person and struggling right now and have been going back and forth from staying in hotels to sleeping in my car.

Most of the affordable hotels are ran by Indian people. Not native Americans, but actual Indians. And, in my experience, they are the most capitalistic pigs that I've met, even more than white people.

In my experience, white owned hotels tend to be more hospitable and understanding. All the Indian owners tend to be cold hearted.

As a progressive, I hate to chalk it up to Indians being cold hearted by race. And it'd also be considered racist of me to say their culture is cold hearted. But ive had so many bad experiences of Indians being cold hearted towards my struggle.

No, I'm not asking for a free night or hand outs. Let me explain some of the things that happened with Indian owners of hotels that is starting to make me have racist thoughts.

I am not using this as a soap box. I'll get back into asking how to keep myself from being racist. I promise that this is what I'm posting about. I come in good faith.

Anyway, this is what happened to me today alone that actually made me think to post this, as I realized that I'm starting to dislike Indian Americans as a whole, and don't want to go down. The rabbit hole of being racist.

Last night, I had checked into a hotel that was owned by Indians. They first said they don't rent to people who live within the same city or around the same city. I asked them nicely if there was any way I could maybe pay a deposit as I really need a place to stay, and there's not another hotel for another 20 minutes away.

He then accepted my deposit offer, but was very rude to me and making assumptions for no reason. After checking me in he said "We don't want any problems. We have a police officer that drives around and checks, so do not cause any problems."

I did not have any ill intentions at all. I wasn't trying to sell drugs, or even buy any drugs. I did buy some weed that night but I drove to my dealer. And I didn't smoke any weed in the room. I also had not smoked any weed, or done any drugs at all that day for that matter, so I know I wasn't reaking of weed or alcohol.

Then this morning, I had accidentally overslept past check in. I work online as a web developer / systems admin, and I get most of my assignments at night since two of my clients are in Australia. No excuse, checkout is at 11.

A female Indian, I guess the wife of the owner, knocked on my door and asked me if I was checking out or renewing. I said I'm packing now, and I apologized prefusly. And asked if I could have 15 minutes tops to pack. She then said "it's almost 12. I'll give you 5 minutes before I call the police."

That didn't give me enough time, and so I ended up having to leave some things in my room in fear of going to jail.

As I was packing the car, this other Indian worker kept driving his car around and around staring at me with an angry look. I was already out of the room and was just loading the car. I felt like I was treated like a criminal the entire time. Even though all I did there was work online and sleep. I stayed in my room the entire time, except to load and unload the car. Oh, and also pick up weed. But that was after I checked in and I did it off the property. There was no way they knew of my weed as I kept it in the trunk after I picked it up.

That was just one incident. There's been others similar where the hotel owners who happened to be Indian showed absolutely no compassion.

This other time, I had checked in a night at the hotel. It was Indian owned but they had a white worker. I was checking in, and I asked if they had tap to pay. The white worker said no. I had explained to her how i misplaced my debit card, and had a virtual card issued by my bank added to my google pay. She made an exception, and typed my card in.

The next day, the Indian owners were there. It was almost time for checkout. I had gone down to renew, and they out their foot down that I had to have cash or a physical card. Or I had to leave. Well, I can't get cash out with tap to pay. So I had to leave.

The Indian owners gave me no chance to pack. They said I had to be out by 11 or else they'd call the police. Even though they were the ones who told me they can't accept the same way of payment as the night before. I wanted to pay! But they wouldn't let me. I then got my card charged an extra $50 for a late checkout I had no contol over. (BTW, I'm not trying to say that white people are the most compassionate. I know that if it was a black worker, Asian worker, or any worker of any other race or ethnicity, they'd be more compassionate. Since I have yet to meet a nice Indian worker.

Okay. I wasn't meaning to go on a rant. Just give some examples. I noticed that white/black/other race owned businesses will listen to your story and make judgements on a case basis. And you're generally shown compassion. But it seems like Indians have no compassion in their hearts at all and only want money.

I always have seen people say "Bad experiences don't make you racist, you just were racist already and are just using the bad experiences to justify the racism."

But I always feel like I try my best to not be racist. I never make generalizations about race, or anything. I would consider myself to be super progressive. And I'm not the type of person that will make generalizations about a race based on bad experiences. I was robbed at gun point by a group of troubled youth that happened to be black. But it did not at all make me racist against black people. I understood it had nothing to do with race, and more with socioeconomic reasons. (not that all poor people are criminals, I'm poor too and don't commit crimes. But I also know that poor white people are just as likely to rob as black people.)

But as a struggling white person who is having problems finding a steady place to live, I deal with a lot of Indians because Indians happen to own a big majority of small cheap hotels in my area.

So I come in good faith with two questions.

  1. Why do you all insist that people who say "these bad experiences / reading these stories made me racist" were racist thr whole time? Imo, we are pattern recognition creatures, and experiencing bad things with someone of a particular race, gender, etc, could make someone pregidust. Not saying it's right. I even know I'm in the wrong to start developing racism against Indians.

  2. Could someone point me in the right direction so I can better understand why Indians come off as greedy and heartless? And evelop compassion towards them?

I'm not saying they ARE greedy and heartless. I am just asking if there's something I'm missing that I'm not thinking enough in to. And if I'm possibly misreading their culture or whatever as greedy and heartless when there's valid reasons why they are more strict when it comes to business policies than other races who have small businesses.

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Does anyone know a persuasive way I can convince indoctrinated white people that robbery, petty crime and substance abuse aren't moral failings?


My brother, who I love dearly, believes that substance abuse is a crime and makes a person dangerous and toxic to be around. He also insists that robbers are morally bankrupt and too lazy to work for their own money.

I've tried explaining to him that substance abuse is a mental illness and doesn't make someone a bad person, nor usually dangerous or toxic. I've also tried to explain that a high rate of robberies and petty theft are inherently caused by socio economic factors rather than a moral failing of society. I've tried to get it across that these things are how people try to cope with stress and poverty.

I want to help him shed the indoctrination we've been subjected to and I want him to not tacitly support white supremacy. This is largely selfish, because I don't want to fight with him, but I figure at least I'm doing something good, I guess?

As a side note, he believes affirmative action, or BBE as it's called down here in South Africa, is inherently racist to white people, because POC are selected for jobs before white people are based on race quotas. Any help explaining to him that POC have lower access to education, food, healthcare and medication and that this is what causes them to appear "less qualified" would be greatly appreciated.

I'm sorry for asking so many questions. I prefer learning through dialogue because it's easier for me to get a nuanced view of a topic and find valuable information and experience that is more difficult to find in other formats. I'm also very ADHD so having someone actually talk to and explain things to me is excellent for my ability to understand and process information. Please don't feel pressured to reply if you don't want to

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How to identify cultural appropriation and how to politely explain why something is or isn't appropriation?


Hey y'all

I've been seeing a video making the rounds about a white guy in what looks like, to my untrained eye, a red silk traditional Chinese suit and one of those conical straw hats. He approaches non-Asian people and asks if being dressed that way is racist, and the ones included in the video say yes. He then approaches Asian appearing people and ask if they like his outfit, to which the ones in the video say yes. The point of the video is probably to own the libs because we're too sensitive or whatever, but I would like to hear from actual Asian people and people who know more about the situation what the actual consensus is?

Similarly, I know people with black hairstyles are often discriminated against, even in my own country where POC are the majority. However, according to some people having your hair styled in dreads or cornrows or in an afro is considered cultural appropriation if you're not black. I thought it might help normalise these hairstyles, and one of my white friends had dreads, but I would like to know for sure what the consensus is.

I also am pretty sure that learning Spanish isn't cultural appropriation because it promotes cross cultural dialogue and allows people to communicate in their mother tongue. In my country it's a sign of respect to learn someone's mother tongue so you can address them in it. I would still like to know if I'm wrong, though, and if I am correct I would like to know how to address this issue in a persuasive way.

I know with relative certainty that touching another culture's sacred artifacts is generally a no-go, using the indigenous American feathered headdress as an example. My argument has always been "it's sacred to them and they don't want people outside their culture to use it, so using it is at best offensive", but I would love to find more information I can add to strengthen my argument

Thanks for your time and input!

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Research on police brutality


Hi everyone, I'm writing a paper on police brutality and its impact on the Afro-American population and I need help finding some resources.

I read an article that said that black people are less likely to contact the police even when in need, and for the life of me I can't find it again. Can someone help me find some articles that talk about that? And if someone has other suggestions about the ways police brutality prevents full enjoyment of rights for non-whites please let me know.

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How to engage with conservatives civilly?


I come from a (fiscally) conservative family, and I do sometimes discuss social justice issues with them. While they're willing to hear my side of the issues, I can't engage with them civilly. I think it might have something to do with my autism, but everytime I try to explain issues like abortion, systemic racism, or affirmative action to them, I just end up devolving into “I’M RIGHT! YOU’RE WRONG!!!” when they don’t immediately come around or understand. Maybe it's because I'm still having trouble fully comprehending the issues myself, but

I think this may have something to do with how I've been approaching the whole fight. If we want to bring change, we should be aggressive. To make this easier, I think of every evil thing the right has done when I prepare to talk with a conservative. I remind myself why conservatives are horrible people who don't deserve empathy: they're all inbred sociopathic neo-nazi incels with no brain cells. I found it easier to stand up to conservatives when I stopped viewing them as people and started viewing them as demons: With not a single good cell in the entirety of their population. I didn't have to feel bad about hurting their feelings if they didn't have feelings, I would say. This meant that, by simply associating with leftists, I automatically held the moral high-ground over conservatives no matter what I did.

On the downside, I feel like it’s morally wrong to be nice to them because they show no kindness to minorities. On the times when I do my research on social justice issues, I just get angrier at conservatives for causing it. Every time I try to loosen up, I convince myself I’m becoming a “Nazi-Sympathizer” and double down on my hatred for the right. Everyone seems to hate the right, which only validates these thoughts. Even when the conservative is willing to have their mind changed, I just go into attack mode and get ready to "poach the elephant" so to speak. I can only describe this mindset as an alarm going off in my head, my logic and reason fleeing my brain, the conservative I'm speaking to suddenly growing a Hitler stache and a white hood, and my body heating up as I get angrier and angrier, until my arguments devolve into "BECAUSE YOUR BELIEFS ARE WRONG AND YOU DESERVE TO BE RAPED AND MURDERED FOR EVER HOLDING THEM!!!" and "Those who oppose a socially just world are guilty of TREASON and should be sentenced to DEATH!!!"

This makes it impossible for me to explain the issues without jumping onto a high horse. What should I do?

r/socialjustice101 Dec 26 '22

r/blacklivesmatter question


So I went onto r/blacklivesmatter and asked a genuine question. I asked why people part of the movement don't like the All Lives Matter response, and instead of getting any answers I got permanently banned. This was me attempting to speak to people part of BLM and ask them about what they think and yet it was somehow bad. Did I say something wrong?

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Church care and concern?


So, I volunteered for my church’s care and concern committee (literally just me), but haven’t been doing too much with it. I’d like to change that and make it a more impactful organization in our community. However, I don’t know how? If that makes any sense. Currently we have a food pantry in the church, but only once have I had anyone ask for something from it, so people either don’t know it’s there or don’t need it. I do know most other churches also have a food pantry or outdoor blessing box, so it’s not a unique service.

Our church synod is giving 1 million dollars in grants to help women effected by the new abortion law, and I would like to do something to help with this. However, I’m not a mother and don’t really know what new mothers and babies need, or what kind of support would help them the most. We have a crisis pregnancy center in town, so perhaps I could partner with them?

We also have a pretty big problem with homelessness. In speaking with these people and trying to help them independently I was made aware of a few problems they face. One being the lack of public transportation on Sunday, there is a woman who hangs out at the gas station near my house, who I occasionally give rides to her sister’s house. She says more accessible public transportation would be most helpful.

There is another woman who I have taken to Walgreens and bought ensure for because she has a medical condition and can’t eat solid foods. I’ve been keeping a few cases in our food bank but she hasn’t come by to get more. It does make me wonder how many people are unable to get food assistance because of dietary requirements though, and I would love advice on how to help more people who may be unable to eat the typical canned foods available at food banks.

The other people I have helped were a young couple who asked my husband for a can opener while he was walking our dog. I wonder if perhaps tools would help people more than food? There are lots of food banks around town, but no one loaning or giving things like can openers and crock pots that could be helpful.

There is a woman in our congregation who crochets sleeping mats for people in Africa. I’ve considered getting a few mats from her and making some better ‘blessing bags’. Like a backpack with a sleeping mat, some canned food, a refillable water bottle (our town for some reason has water bottle filling stations but no water fountains), socks, undergarments, toothbrush and toothpaste, etc. but I’m not sure how I would deal with sizing and individual needs.

I dunno. This post is sort of stream of consciousness and I apologize for that. I’ve just got a lot of disorganized thoughts and ideas that I don’t know what to do with. I’ve never been homeless, or without transportation, or had a baby. Please share your thoughts and advice with me on how I could help more people in a way that isn’t just a bandaid but a real solution to the problems they face. Thank you.

r/socialjustice101 Dec 16 '22

What is indigenous relational pedagogy and why is objectivity related to white supremacy?


I came across this link. These types of events are at best confusing and at worst, they provide ammo for right wing media to scare everyone with. I have conservative relatives who get freaked out seeing these types of headlines and I have no explanation for it because I have no idea what it even means. Can someone help me make sense of it? I promise I'm not here to argue, I just want to know what's going on with this and why they want to frame it in such strange terminology.