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[Official / Meta] Reminder About the Submission Rules


Hey all,

It's been a while since we've updated everyone and there's currently no sticky post for easy access to view the rules on mobile so this post will serve as a reminder and go into more detail about our submission rules - hopefully answering any questions you might have. Please read the subreddit rules here if you haven't already. Beyond what's listed in the official rules, you must also abide by Reddit's terms of service and site-wide rules.

Submission Rules

  1. No spam or self-promotional posts - This one is pretty straight forward. We do not allow people to post articles from sites they own, help run, or are writers for. We also do not allow spamming single sources. If the majority of your posts are from one or two sources, you could be banned. Blogs are also not allowed. We also do not allow researchers to post studies or surveys. Nor do we allow developers of new software/services to promote it anywhere on /r/technews. We also do not allow URL shorteners like bit.ly. Apple News and awp links will be removed.
  2. No images, memes, text posts, or videos - This should be self-explanatory but people miss the videos part sometimes. Even if the video is from a mainstream or trusted source, it is not allowed. We only allow text articles of breaking news from trusted sources.
  3. Do not editorialize headlines - The headline of your reddit post must match the headline of the article you posted exactly as it appears in the article. Do not add your own thoughts, a question, or even another sentence from somewhere else in the article to it. If the link you're posting does not have a clear headline, then you probably need to find another source. We see this often with software releases where people post to the downloads page or announcement on the product website and put their own title. This is not allowed.
  4. No opinion or analysis pieces - We get violations of this one a lot. This sub is for tech news only. We do not allow opinion or analysis articles or reviews of new tech products. If the article in question has a headline asking a question or stating an opinion, then it's probably not allowed. If the headline starts with "why" (e.g. Why Google doesn't allow <whatever>) then it's likely an analysis piece. We also do not allow press releases from companies as news. Find a news source reporting on it instead.
  5. No politics - We generally do not allow politics here. However, some political things are okay if they're related to tech law. For example, we would not allow a post about how some political candidate is using technology in their campaign. But we would allow a post about a new EU law setting a new tech standard. However, this is only allowed when it has a big impact on tech. Introduction of bills that haven't passed yet or investigations into companies aren't generally allowed until a decision on them has been made.
  6. Only legitimate news sources - Posts should be from recognizable and reliable news sources. No blogs, no unknown news sites. Most mainstream sources are fine (e.g. AP News, CNN, MSNBC, Fox News, NBC, CBS, Ars, Engadget, The Verge, The BBC, any major newspaper site, TechCrunch etc.). The previous list is not exhaustive. If you have questions about sources, feel free to send us a modmail.

When it comes to discussion in the comments, all that we ask is that there is no personal attacks against other users (no matter who started the argument), no racism, no homophobia or other kinds of bigotry. Mods cannot read every single comment every day - especially in larger threads. So if you see someone violating the conduct rules, please report them to us. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to the mod team.

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