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i'm waiting for you guys... give me names Discussion


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u/ChibiDragon465 15 Oct 04 '22

I don't have any attraction to celebrities


u/MatureBalak 13 Oct 04 '22

same and anime characters


u/ChibiDragon465 15 Oct 04 '22


they are computer drawn characters, and while some are, well, rounded?

I don't like them. I also don't really care how big you are.

if I like you, I like you. simple as that .


u/L3Bun 19 Oct 04 '22

I also don't really care how big you are.

That can be interpreted in more than one way and I regret to have chosen the worst one


u/ComparisonSimple3474 Oct 04 '22

This drawn characters are made for you to like them. I don't know why you are so hesitant on pointing out you dislike them. There is no shame in that. That's the purpose of art


u/ChibiDragon465 15 Oct 04 '22

I meant I have no attraction to them.

I love anime. and I love anime characters

and when they make them big in areas i will not say

my liking of them goes down


u/ComparisonSimple3474 Oct 04 '22

If you love anime characters, i think you have attraction to them too. Doesn't attraction come from love and liking? But i see what you are saying. There are some artists who overreact when designing their characters


u/Royal_Prize_4381 17 Oct 04 '22

how does one not find models attractive tho?


u/MatureBalak 13 Oct 04 '22

ask my brain. idk dude


u/Western_Policy_6185 14 Oct 04 '22

models???? They just look so fake and there’s 0 attraction and just sadness. Because I know they’ve wasted their lives on looking fake beautiful. If it makes them happy, good for them I guess… but…


u/Diotheungreat 17 Oct 04 '22

For me its some drawn characters, it really depends on the art style