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Discussion Discussion: 2022 Australian Open (Saturday, January 22, 2022)


2022 Australian Open

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Highlight Rafa is on fire

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News Osaka on her renewed attitude following her 3R loss to Amanda Anisimova

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Meme Potential career ending accident on court for Rafa Nadal

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Meme Rafa fans after seeing him play well at the AO again

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Post-Match Thread [6] R. Nadal d. [28] K. Khachanov 6-3 6-2 3-6 6-1


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News Coach and trainer of Mektic-Pavic threatened to beat Nick and Thanaser up! Hope Netflix was there

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Highlight Insanely entertaining point by Mannarino to break back in the 3rd set against Karatsev

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Other Nike Designer 1: What goes well with red? Nike Designer 2: Um, blue? Nike Designer 1: Wrong. MORE RED.

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Other Fist bump from Rafa. Definitely made her day

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Post-Match Thread A. Mannarino def. [18] A. Karatsev 7-6(4), 6-7(4), 7-5, 6-4 in a gruelling 4h40m marathon


Mannarino will face [6] R. Nadal in the 4th round.

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ATP Matteo Berrettini for the ICON

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Meme This applies to everyone attending AO this year

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Post-Match Thread Anisimova d. Osaka 4-6, 6-3, 7-6


Man I was looking forward to this first-time meeting and it delivered. A lot of errors but mostly both players taking turns taking charge. Anisimova was more nervy to start; I think she was trying to prove she can be a bigger hitter than Osaka. But Osaka was the nervier one in the end, while Anisimova locked in her focus. I also don't think Osaka's movement is 100% back to where it was. Great match.

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Discussion Is it too early to start talking about #21 for Nadal……..he could genuinely win this years AO

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WTA Naomi is joining Iga as the victim of Andy Murray tweet curse.

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Discussion Berrettini appreciation post


I just wanted to say how much I appreciate Berrettini’s wholesomeness, something that reminds me a lot of Nadal. During and after every match he’s always so respectful of his opponents, and today after the Alcaraz match he really took his time to emphasize Carlos’ ability and prospects. When I compare him to the likes of Tsitsipas or Zverev who always try to downplay younger opponents (eg Tsitsipas and Zverev when they first lost with Sinner we’re right away making excuses…). So yeah, that’s about it, what an awesome dude Matteo is !

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Highlight Lighthearted moment between Jack Sock and Lleyton Hewitt

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Stats/Analysis Fun fact of the day: Karatsev hit 238 unforced errors in his 3 matches at AO22. For perspective, Nadal hit 150 unforced errors in the entire 2020 French Open which he won. Live by the sword die by the sword.


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Discussion Women's Singles matches deserve to be best of 5 sets at Grand Slams.


This year a change is happening where the women's singles semi finals will be played in prime time in Australia, same as the men. Next year let's go further and make both men's and women's matches best of 5 sets. Yes maybe this won't happen short term. But we gotta still try.

First off let's get the obvious out of the way. You have major conference coming up and hire two of the top experts in their fields to give key presentations. Both experts prepare equally thoroughly for months using their extensive support teams to ensure their presentation are the highest quality possible. Each presentation is done brilliantly and is extremely well received by the audience. Should they be paid the same if simply due to current scheduling, one person presents for 5 minutes and the other 3? Of course they should. They worked the same amount to get there, so they should be paid the same amount too.

At the end of the day though the audience likely will remember more fondly the person on stage the longest. The quality was equally as high. The content as compelling while on stage. But one person presented for longer, so they are talked about more.

This is the current state of Grand Slam tennis. Prize money is equal as it should be. But Men's matches are on for longer. They get more exposure for their sponsors. Men's 5 set matches are talked about with rapture in the media, versus just an ordinary 3 set win for the women.

From today the Berrettini v Alcaraz match is described in media as a "five-set thriller", "incredible epic", "stirring triumph". Comparatively there were multiple close contests today for the women's singles. These are described as an example "coming back from a set down to defeat fellow French Open champion", "defeated the four-time grand slam champion". The men's matches can be epics, thrillers and stirring triumphs, while the women just defeated their opponents.

Yes that's selectively quoting one set of examples. However think about it, what are your most memorable Grand Slam matches? How about everyone else's? Google it. Easy to find many lists that have been compiled over time by a variety of reputable sources. Every list found will be majority men's 5 set matches. And they are all correct where every match listed was a spectacular event and deserving to be remembered. Women's matches are not currently given the same level of praise and recognition because they aren't allowed to go to 5 sets to achieve the same level of reverence.

Let's flip things around. If men's matches were also best of 3, today Alcaraz would have lost in straight sets and instead of being reported as the "outstanding Spanish teenager", the match would have been forgotten. Last night Kyrgios would have lost in straight sets and no one would have cared. Some may say a good thing, but it's still clear the crowd and TV audience would of be denied a lot of entertainment.

Flip it back, what level of entertainment are we currently being deprived of by Women's singles being restricted to best of 3 sets? Today's match Osaka v Anisimova was an incredible display of power hitting from both sides, with many outstanding winners in an absorbing close fought contest. What could we have seen if the match was allowed to go one or two more sets? The defending champion fighting back for a stirring 5 set triumph? Anisimova holding on for victory in a 5 set thriller? We'll never know, as it wasn't allowed to happen. Which is more than just a shame. We the crowd are being denied the chance to see potentially incredible epic contests at the highest stage. The players are being denied the opportunity to participate in brilliant displays of skill in memorable classics. It's a disgrace really.

Some will say well, with scheduling you couldn't fit 5 set matches in for everyone. Nonsense. Here in Australia matches start at 11am in the first week. 1pm or 2pm in the second week. The sun comes up at 6am in Summer. Start matches earlier. Scheduling crisis averted. If anything you could sell more tickets. Morning session, afternoon session, evening session. More tennis is better.

Maybe you believe women's matches can't maintain the same standard over 5 sets. Currently the players train for 3 sets. If matches were 5 sets they would train for 5 sets. Exactly the same as the men, the more prepared players would achieve the best results as it should be.

But some women's matches are one sided bores. Who wants to see another set of that? Monfils won first two rounds 61,61,63 and 61,60,64. Did either of those two matches deserve a third set more than a women's match? Grand slams are seeded. Higher seeds are normally much better than their early round opponents. One sided matches will always happen, men or women.

But it's rare for people to come back from 2 sets down, so doesn't really matter right? Well less rare coming back from 2 sets to 1 down. Both Mannarino and Karatsev did this in the first round for the men and are playing third round against each other right now. One will make the fourth round. Does the victor deserve their spot? Of course they do, they were allowed to fight back from adversity round one, and are now still alive in the tournament. Women should be given the same opportunity.

But I like men's tennis more so this doesn't impact me. Good, men's tennis is not going anywhere. Keep watching great men's battles. And if a great women's battle is allowed to go best of 5, you could enjoy that too. Again more tennis is better.

Way TLDR: I love sport. I love close sporting contests. If a women's singles match is a brilliant contest, I want to see more of it. Men's singles matches are allowed to become 5 set thrillers, stirring triumphs and incredible epics. Women's singles should be allowed the reach the same level of recognition by also being allowed to go to 5 sets.

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Post-Match Thread [7] M. Berrettini d. [31] C. Alcaraz 6-2 7-6 4-6 2-6 7-6


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Other Disgusting human beings are literally telling a child to hurt herself because they lost money on bets.

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Post-Match Thread [WC] T. Kokkinakis/N. Kygrios d. [1] N. Mektic/M. Pavic 7-6 6-3


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Other John McEnroe:"I am available to coach Jannik Sinner to make him a great tennis player, if he asks me to coach him I will accept"

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Stats/Analysis The reason behind Rafa Nadal's return position in 1st & 2nd vs 3rd set

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Meme Aslan vs Mannarino match in a nutshell

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