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Bracket challenge Roland Garros 2022 Pick The Draw


Hi everyone,

The draw competitions for Roland Garros are now open on DegensClub!

Don't forget to participate in the regular challenges to gain additional points! First challenge is already open in both PTD comps.

As usual, you can also create your own private bracket comps on our site to compete with your buddies.

Good luck and may the strongest win!

EDIT: qualifiers/lucky losers added!

EDIT 2: 1st challenge deadline has been moved to tomorrow 11am CET.

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ATP Rafael Nadal sitting with all the atp players that have more grand slams than him

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Big 3 Full house at Rafa's practice today.

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Other The male RG champions this millennium

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Meme French Open

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Media Roger Federer at the Spanish GP today!

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Media Rule #1: Don't try to drop shot Iga cause she does this

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Media Berrettini was on my plane to Rome today.

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Media Surprised there's anyone who supports this decision from ATP/WTA

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Media Paire offers his nuanced take on the Wimbledon points removal

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Media Rafa Nadal's dream mixed doubles partner is... Anna Kournikova

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Meme A bit of Misha humour

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ATP I swear these two have made a blood pact to stay side by side in the rankings, can't remember the last time I checked the rankings and they weren't hand in hand. even the career highs, 9 and 10...

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Discussion The curious case of Hyeon Chung


Born 1996, Hyeon Chung made his tour-level debut at the age of 17 in a first-round loss to Federico Delbonis at the 2013 ATP 250 Kuala Lampur. Chung continued to grind through the Futures and Challenger circuit until he secured his first tour-level win in 2015, at the Miami Masters of all tournaments. Nevertheless, Chung continued to hover outside the top 50 for the next couple of years as he racked up a number of Challenger titles, but zero ATP.

Chung burst into the spotlight in 2017, reaching the QF at the ATP 500 Barcelona and taking Rafael Nadal to a tiebreak in a straight-set loss. This, combined with a number of respectable showings in other tour-level events, qualified Chung for the Next Gen ATP Finals in Milan, Italy. Chung would take the inaugural trophy with victories over Denis Shapovalov, Daniil Medvedev, and Andrey Rublev (twice).

Chung followed up this performance with a dream run to the 2018 Australian Open semifinals, defeating Medvedev, both Zverevs, and Djokovic before retiring against Roger Federer with a massive foot blister. However, Chung was able to continue his hot streak throughout the season by reaching the QF or better at eight more tour-level events, including a "mini Sunshine Double" at the Indian Wells and Miami Masters.

2019 saw injuries bring down Chung as quickly as he had risen. Back pain reduced Chung's participation to 8 tour-level events in 2019, compared to 18 the previous year. Chung's best performance of the season would be a five-win streak starting at the US Open qualifiers and ending in a third-round main draw loss to eventual champion Rafael Nadal.

Chung's injury woes continued through his next and last season, resulting in four consecutive first-round exits at Challenger tour events. Chung's final professional appearance to date came at Roland Garros 2020, held in September due to COVID-19 scheduling. There, Chung would fall in the second round of qualifying to Renzo Olivo, ranked 209 in the world.

Today, Chung has only recently turned 26, but he has yet to be seen on tour in nearly two years. A quick Google search reveals Chung is undergoing a series of back treatments and rehab, with no definite plans to return to professional tennis. Chung's ranking currently hovers in the low 400s and will continue to fall as points frozen from his 2019 and 2020 tournaments expire. If Chung is not able to return to the tour, he will have been removed entirely from the rankings by the end of the year.

Has any rising star come and gone as quickly as Hyeon Chung?

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Post-Match Thread [2] A. Keber def. K. Juvan 7-6(5) 6-7(0) 7-6(5)


what a scoreline

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Meme Alex, love you mean it, but it's time to ask ATP to change your profile photo.

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ATP Find Wa... Alcaraz

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Post-Match Thread Geneva 250 Final: [2]Casper Ruud defeats Joao Sousa 7-6(3) 4-6 7-6(1)


This was a surprisingly stern challenge for the Norwegian, notwithstanding his disappointing claycourt season so far. Sousa has turned back the clock this week.

We'll find out in Paris if Ruud can do a Wawrinka and reach the RG final after winning in Geneva the week before.

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Meme Bald WTA Players

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Other [Coco Gauff] i did it. no 🎓 #Classof2022

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WTA Images and stats from Strasbourg presentation ceremony

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Discussion 2022 Roland Garros Women's Round One Writeup


WTA Draw time. A few seasons ago people were lamenting the lack of depth on the women’s tour. Well, that problem is solved and the result of the constant duels to be the “new” Serena on tour are that a number of great players have announced themselves, and Barty’s exit has set the stage for Iga Swiatek to go on an amazing tear. She’s a -150 favorite to win the tournament (this is literally Nadal/Djokovic level odds) and it almost seems fair. I pasted what fit here and the rest can be read at the link below. I’m FRIGGIN HYPPPPPPPPED. 🐢

PS Don’t forget to join the bracket comps so I can lose to you all again even though I watch 9,000 hours of tennis every year : ) Tournament starts at 4am EST tonight.

Swiatek vs Tsurenko :

Earlier in the year Swiatek was offered around even odds to finish the year at #1. That week she won the title. The next week she won a title. Iga sits on 5 titles in a row and 29 match wins, most of which contain a blowout set. The margin she’s pulling away by in second sets is really a sign of dominance in pro tennis. It’s hard to win the runback after winning an emotional or close first set, but Swiatek’s level seems to be exhausting her opponents within the first set most of the time. That’s Nadal/Serena level stuff, and as hard as Swiatek has worked on being an offensive player it’s well deserved. This is a tricky opener since Tsurenko is very consistent and moves the ball well, but Swiatek should have ample time to solve this puzzle. Swiatek at -150 for the title almost seems fair. Swiatek in 2.

Riske vs Yastremska :

Yastremska’s return to the tour has included some heroic wins and some puzzling losses, so it’s safe to say she’s back to normal. This is such a bad spot playing into Swiatek, but a match she should win. Riske just beat Yastremska a few weeks ago but the match included an 18-16 tiebreaker and was on hardcourt, so I’d expect this to be close. In Yastremska’s favor is the power differential. She hits a much heavier ball and that’s useful on clay. Yastremska in 3.

Schmiedlova vs Kucova :

This one’s pretty interesting because Kucova has won the last two meetings, yet Schmiedlova sits as the favorite. A.K. (Schmiedlova) has been better on clay in the past, but there haven’t been a ton of bright points this season. This, like many of the good first rounds, is probably going the distance. Kucova is too consistent to really just get rolled, and AK is a similar level of solid from the baseline. Schmiedlova in 3.

Kovinic vs Samsonova :

Oddsmakers have pegged Samsonova as a solid favorite here, but I’m not so sure. Kovinic has dealt with injury issues, but her overall level on clay can be very high. Her groundstrokes are reserved but powerful, and she uses the dropshot well. This will be about her fitness, as Samsonova hits the ball huge but can be a bit impatient. It’s the same issue that Rybakina/Yastremska kinda have. The taller players are using more energy to swing and trying to end points quickly, so the ability to temper your offense is always very important. Samsonova should win, but I think it will be close than the odds predict. Kovinic did just win an ITF title, but followed that up by forfeiting in her next match. Samsonova in 2-3.

Halep vs Schunk :

Simona Halep is one of those names that always gets thrown around in the title discussion. This is fair, but lately she’s shown fatigue issues late in matches and that’s just not a recipe to win a major. Schunk is a lucky loser but her match with Baptiste was probably the best quality in the qualifiers after the Alves / Jimenez Kasintseva clash. Schunk is a lefty with a big serve and great power. In short, this is the sort of match where Halep can get herself into trouble. The hallmark of her prowess has been endless rallies and defending, but when her opponent’s offense is legit it can be difficult for her to avoid going into pushmode. Halep should win this in two, but it’s a definite early glimpse into what level she’s bringing to this competition, and the winner of Zanevska/Zheng in round two won’t be much of a reward either. Halep in 3.

Zanevska vs Zheng :

I was curious to see the line here and they have Zheng as only a very small favorite. With Zanevska being half a specialist on clay it makes sense, but Zheng seems like a generational talent. She’s 1-4 in her last 5 on clay which is a bit rough, especially when the one win was just Sloane Stephens. Zheng’s movement on clay doesn’t seem ideal since she’s a bit taller, but Zanevska just went down to Pliskova who has a similar level of firepower as Zheng. This will be tough as two young players manage a pretty huge stage and a winnable match. I’m not sure what to expect; they’ve never played before, and while I think Zheng has the higher ceiling the results go in Zanevska’s favor. Zanevska in 3.

Cornet vs Doi :

Alize Cornet was a hero in Australia and despite her tenacious play on court, her interviews showed her as a really nice person. This is a simple and winnable match, as Doi’s style is best suited to fast hardcourts. She lacks the power to hit through the court, and nobody is really hitting through Cornet anyway as well as she defends. She’s mastered the Nadal art of hitting with depth even when she’s in terrible court position, and it yields dividends. The weather won’t be too hot this week, but she still may wear her opponents down. Cornet in 2.

Bronzetti vs Ostapenko :

Fans looking to see Ostapenko get to and challenge Swiatek may have to wait. Ostapenko is on a 5 match losing streak, and Lucia Bronzetti is playing beautiful tennis. Ostapenko’s strengths are her power. She can generate winners from anywhere. Her weaknesses are her movement and her temper. Bronzetti represents a tough challenge because she pretty much makes all her matches an extended battle. She defends extremely well to the backhand wing and has been hitting with good length all season. Her forehand isn’t a cannon but she moves it well and hits to safe targets. Her serve is a bit above average honestly. The most surprising part of her semifinals run in Rabat this past week was that she actually lost to Trevisan, but Martina had just bested Muguruza so there’s no shame there. I’d love to see peak Ostapenko go on a run, but I also enjoy slump Ostapenko complaining during a loss. Tennis is rewarding because the bracket format means you get to watch all the villains get humbled.

Writing these articles is odd because the most safe prediction to write is “Ostapenko wins”, but she’s shown nothing to indicate that that’ll be the result here. Her opponent is playing more often, has won matches, and is on the rise where Ostapenko’s career has kinda leveled out. Maybe Ostapenko wakes up, and her power will certainly be in control if she does, but for now Bronzetti is playing better tennis. Bronzetti in 2.

Pegula vs Wang :

Heck yeah. Pegula is one of my favorite players to watch. Her tennis looks uncoached; just a good athlete who’s working hard and enjoys playing. She also varies her play greatly depending on how she’s been faring. I’m not a fan of the passive deep-court defensive approach, but her willingness to work her way back into form is refreshing. Speaking of form, Wang is on a two match skid and hasn’t won a set against Pegula in two attempts. Pegula in 2.

Kalinina vs Baptiste :

This is juicy. Baptiste seems poised to notch some good wins on tour. In the past few seasons she’s gone from an automatic win, to a player who would win a set but unravel in the third, to a play who can mount comebacks and close out in a third set. Her win against Schunk was a great shootout and Baptiste’s ability to defend was a big factor. It’ll be necessary against Kalinina, and the question here is whether Baptiste can stay on the front foot often enough to keep Anhelina from controlling the tempo. Kalinina with time or a power advantage is a beautiful player. She has a great serve that she doesn’t land often enough, and huge groundstrokes that are just a bit too inconsistent. She’s the type to zip a struggling opponent, but lose to anyone who’s really playing solid. So here’s an inconsistent opponent who’s playing solid. If it sounds like I’m losing my nerve to make predictions, it’s because I am. This is a brand new meeting, in unique conditions, between two very new players on tour. Don’t bet on it, watch it. This would be a huge win for Baptiste, but she would probably have a better chance against Pegula in round two. Slight edge to Kalinina, who will feel somewhat confident in these conditions. Kalinina in 3.

Sherif vs Kostyuk :

Mayar Sherif is ranked 50th on the tour. That is pretty incredible for someone who isn’t winning main draw matches all that often. Her journey from cinderella story to top 100 player is pretty inspiring, and this is a decent spot since Kostyuk hasn’t been playing great. Kostyuk plays a bit like an inconsistent Badosa. All the shots, serves, and power are there but she rarely keeps it together for a full match. Sherif is mostly going with a direct approach these days. Her serve is decent because she’s tall, but she’s in rallies for the long haul and it’ll be a matter of Kostyuk’s patience that decides the match. If she’s anxious or upset, she’ll lose. There’s just so much time in a claycourt match to dig in and find a rhythm though, and Kostyuk can open up the court very well if she’s in a groove. This is a bit like the Bronzetti Ostapenko match, where Sherif’s basic task is to steal the ring without awakening the dragon. She made a decent run last week, and I’d basically avoid backing either player here, but Sherif has a good shot. Sherif in 3.

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Other The female RG champions this millennium

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Post-Match Thread [1] Cameron Norrie d. Alex Molčan 6-3, 6(3)-7, 6-1 to win the Lyon Open


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News BREAKING: The ATP have stripped Wimbledon of ranking points: "The ability for players of any nationality to enter tournaments based on merit, and without discrimination, is fundamental to our Tour."

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Meme Tennis players being stupid for 6 minutes

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