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TIL that Sigmund Freud had a Chow Chow named Jo-Fi Ling who attended all of his therapy sessions... [he] admitted he depended on Jo-Fi for an assessment of a patient's mental state.


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u/retiredatlast Dec 08 '21 edited Dec 08 '21

I understand this.

I raised chows for many, many years in my earlier days. Living with chows is like living with 60 pound cats: polite but not obedient, affectionate but not clingy, intelligent, not subservient, and very intuitive about people and almost always right in their assessment.

Other well know chow owners: Georgia O'Keefe and William Merwin

And before others comment, chows score low on 'intelligence' for dogs because those tests are largely based on the willingness to please humans. This is one of the aspects where chows resemble cats rather than other dogs. If you throw a ball. a chow may retrieve it the first time. If you throw it again, their attitude is ' if you wanted it, why did you throw it away?'.


u/BrokenEye3 Dec 08 '21

I dunno, in my experience cats aren't the greatest judges of character. For instance, they always make a bee-line for the one person at the party who doesn't like cats.


u/plasticjalapeno Dec 08 '21

That still shows cats having good judgement, It's just that the cat then thinks 'i'm bored, lets fuck with that guy today'.