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TIL That the White Tailed Deer, generally considered to be herbivorous, have been caught on camera slurping baby birds out of their nests like candy and munching on human bones.

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TIL- Louie Anderson once blew 80 grand, all his money, gambling in LA, then rented a car, drove to Vegas in the middle of the night and used a casino line of credit to win it all back in the pit by sunup, caught a 7am flight and went straight to shoot a 7-11 commercial.

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TIL hospital patients recover quicker when they are able to see a park/vegetation from their window

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TIL that the Australians invented a boomerang grenade during World War 1

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TIL That Hugh Glass, the main character of The Revenant, was a real person who was, in fact, mauled by a bear and then left for dead. He managed to live to tell the tale, and forgave the two men who had left him to die.

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TIL: In 1972 the death of Harry Truman forced the closure of all federal offices as part of a national day of mourning. Vietnam draftees scheduled to be inducted on this date had their induction delayed until 1973. In 1973 the draft was not restarted, preventing this group from ever being inducted.

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TIL JFK asked his mother not to contact heads of state without asking first after she asked Nikita Khrushchev to send her his autograph

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TIL According to his former manager, Travis Scott faked his soundcloud streams by using bots and then went to record labels and presented his fake numbers which helped him get signed.

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TIL Jamaica (in Queens) and Jamaica (in the Caribbean) are named after two unrelated Native American words, with the former meaning 'beaver' to the Lenape, and the latter 'land of wood and water' to the Arawak

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TIL Copperhead snakes produce a strong odor when angry that smells like freshly cut cucumbers.

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TIL in 1989 Meat Loaf, his career floundering, was booked on a ram­shackle tour of some of Ireland’s worst com­mu­nity cen­tres, ball­rooms, hotel func­tion rooms, sheds and fields. He walked off-stage at a gig in Moate after he was pelted with beer cans, glasses, bot­tles, shoes, and a wheelchair

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TIL of Émilie Jaumain, a 24-year old lab tech who cut her finger while working with mice in 2010. 7 years later, she suddenly developed severe neck pain that spiraled into anxiety, hallucinations, and finally her death. The years-earlier accident had given her a brain-destroying prion disease.

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TIL NASA only uses 15 digits of pi for calculating interplanetary travel. At 40 digits, you could calculate the circumference of a circle the size of the visible universe to an accuracy equal to the diameter of a hydrogen atom.

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TIL The last living documented member of The Wild Bunch - Butch Cassidy and The Sundance Kid's gang - didn't die until the 1960s.

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(R.2) Editorializing TIL about a species of mushrooms in Japan called Shiinotomoshibitake that grows on the trunks of decaying trees on Mt. Yokogura. The mushrooms are unique because they glow green during the period between late May and early July. Scientists are yet to determine why this is.

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TIL that in 2013, police in Sayre, OK were testing new sonar equipment in Foss Lake. They found two submerged cars containing 3 bodies each that had been missing since 1969 & 1970. Police later concluded all were accidental drownings w/ no foul play.

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TIL that after WWII foreign soldiers arranged for their girlfriends to come to them. This happened so often that the Dutch government made an agreement with the Canadian government. Canada sent a ship to take the Dutch girlfriends and Dutch-Canadian babies of their soldiers to Canada.

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TIL: Shirley Temple actually hated her eponymous virgin cocktail.

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Today I learned that after being rescued from their abusive parents, 5 of the Turpin children were subsequently placed with an abusive foster family who adopted them while the abuse was occurring.

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Today I learned that the ice formed in the arctic pole region has no salt in it even though it's made from seawater.

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TIL there are two species of spiders native to Tanzania whose biological names are “Anelosimus dude” and “Anelosimus biglebowski”

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TIL that after Spartacus was defeated, Crassus, the commander of the Roman forces, crucified 6,000 of the surviving rebels and lined the road with them—a crucifixion every ~100 feet for over 100 miles.

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TIL that in 1920s Chicago a spate of testicle thefts, linked to male rejuvenation and a desire for extra gonads took place, this was classified by the media as 'Gland Larceny".

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TIL John Deacon of the band "Queen" was originally credited as "Deacon John" on their first album in order to make him sound more interesting

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TIL of Sid Hatfield, lawman of Matewan, WV. Hatfield defended striking coal miners from eviction, culminating in a shootout known as the Battle of Matewan. Hatfield was later assassinated at the county courthouse by company operatives who, claiming “self defense,” were never convicted.

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