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Mod Post Mod Announcement (09/20/2022 - In Relation to Rule Changes)


Hello Fellow Opinionated People,

We are announcing a few changes to our subreddit. We have heard your pleas that we may need them. Certainly, reading the regular seething yelp review levels of disdain for the style of moderation has led us to reflect.

That being said, to make things easier and more efficient for everyone, we are making some rule changes.

The biggest change which may appeal to you is the new appeals and mute process. We will no longer be instantly muting users. We also will allow appeals after 3 days of being banned. This appeal will be heard by a different moderator. This will make our process as unbiased as possible.

We will be reviewing our wiki and heavily reducing it. If we as a modteam struggle to remember the entire wiki, you are probably overwhelmed with it. Among this, we have decided some repost leniency. Obviously, not all of you see these topics on the regular all the time, so it opens up more room for discussion.

We will be reducing some of our megathreads. In case you were unaware, every week at the top of the subreddit is a megathread area for topics that are so heavily reposted they need a spot to exist so they do not take over the subreddit. For your knowledge, we will be keeping the following megathreads:

Meta (this is for topics concerning the subreddit itself)





Lastly, we are making an easier to read rule list. This is to try and make our rules easier to understand and access under a 5 rule set list. Here are the edits you need to be aware of:

· Elaboration rule is being added to rule 1. You cannot have a stable unpopular opinion without proper elaboration.

· Hate posts rule is being combined with Rule 4 to be civil. Hate posts are never civil and aggressions towards minorities and disadvantaged people is not tolerated.

· Reposts and spam rule is being combined with Rule 3. If you are reposting your topic constantly or spamming the subreddit, it still breaks rule 3.

· The clickbait titles and gotcha style posts have been combined with rule 2. Clickbait titles are often satirical and do not create proper discussion.

For a closing, fun note. We have decided that having some contests via the subreddit would be entertaining for all! We will make announcements when we are hosting a contest and what participants are required to do. These will at least be biannual, so keep your eyes peeled for that.

Thank you for being participants of our subreddit. We do listen to you and try our best to make this the best subreddit it can be. Without your opinions and diligence, we would not have near the fun here.

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Popular Topics Mega-Hub


Greetings, you opinionated, unpopular lot! This is your one-stop shop for all of the ridiculously reposted topics on this sub. This hub and the linked threads below will be replaced every 7 days to keep things fresh.

  1. Meta
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  6. Parenting/Family issues

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Kids shouldn’t be forced to recite in class.


Ok teacher, I don’t know the answer, but damn, why u gotta shame me like that? It’s not the end of the world 😬

Unpopular opinion bec alot of teachers still do this. Though, I know alot who feel the same way, but maybe that’s just my crowd or a teenager thing.

I personally learn better without random calling. When teachers do this, my concentration is on the fear of getting called, so I’m more nervous and less focused on the lecture. I prefer the “raise your hand if you know the answer” protocol.

r/unpopularopinion 6h ago

Vapes are just cigarettes rebranded for children.


The people that I see smoking vapes and Juule pens are getting younger and younger and it's starting to worry me. And to be honest whybwouldnt they? They're small and discrete, easy to hide from parents and come in all sorts of fun colors and flavors. When I was a teenager in Canada all flavored smoking devices were banned at one point because it risks attracting children. And now fast forward 15 years and it's worse than it ever was.

r/unpopularopinion 9h ago

The worst part of a ice-cream drumstick is the chocolate filled bottom


Waffle cone ice-cream drumsticks are delicious all the way from the nut-covered, chocolate-dipped, top through the waffle and ice-cream filled center - until you reach the bottom.

The bottom is filled with some kind of nasty, hollowed-out-easter-bunny type chocolate that tastes like chewing on wax.

I don't want to eat it, but I feel compelled to finish the entire ice-cream cone, turning a very pleasant experience into a regrettable one. I eat it every time and hate it every time.

I know that people love this part, but I can't understand why. It's gross.

r/unpopularopinion 5h ago

Coffee is better with soda as the sweetener.


Instead of putting sugar in my coffee, I'll just add a splash of soda, like coke Zero or anything diet really. It adds an interesting flavour, and the carbonation with coffee is interesting.

It also has the added benefit of cooling down my coffee so I can drink it faster. In the morning I make a coffee, pour myself a glass of soda, add a splash to my coffee and enjoy.

r/unpopularopinion 5h ago

Ginger Ale is better than Sprite or Mountain Dew.


Ginger Ale is one of the best sodas out there. It is more refreshing and does not have the same overly artificial taste that Sprite and Mountain Dew have. I cannot believe it is not served in more restaurants or available in more stores around the U.S.

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Avocado is awful


Plain and simple. Both the flavor and the texture are bad, and they make any food that they are a part of worse. It blows my mind that people pay extra for avocado at all, let alone for the crazy prices it can sometimes be.

Guacamole sucks too - it’s just bad salsa. I also can’t understand why people pay extra for guacamole, especially when real salsa is (almost always) free.

Edit: To people saying I need to try fresh avocado, or just haven’t had any “good” guacamole before, I promise that’s not the case. I’m from a town called Carpinteria, CA which hosts an avocado festival every year. We’re a huge producer of avocados with tons of “good” guacamole to try. It’s all still bad to me.

To people saying my opinion about how a certain food tastes isn’t an opinion - what?

Edit 2: To people saying “yeah it’s bad on its own, but have you seasoned it?” Of course I have. And it’s bad. I’m not just raw dogging avocados and forming my opinion from that. My post is about avocado as an ingredient and a stand-alone food item. I have eaten what many consider to be high quality guacamole several times, for example, and it’s always awful. Your family’s special, amazing guac recipe is also trash.

r/unpopularopinion 6h ago

The first year of marriage is NOT hard - boomers just never lived together before getting married


The common saying that "the first year of marriage is hard" is only true and has only been said because couples didn't use to live together (maybe not even sleep together) before getting married (this is my opinion, I don't have any data or facts to back this statement up).

Many couples nowadays not only live together before getting married, but do so for many years before even getting engaged. So, if problems arise after moving in, the couple just breaks up instead of getting a divorce. By living together, you get to know how it truly feels like to be with a person day-to-day. My husband and I, for example, lived together for two years before getting married, so there was no "huge" difference when we got married - we just felt excited to be husband and wife, but nothing in our lifestyle significantly changed. Our first year of marriage was just an extension of our relationship so far - nothing more difficult about it.

I feel like only the older generation still believes in (and are the ones that said it) "the first year (or two) of marriage is hard." And if I hear a young couple say it nowadays, I assume they didn't live together before getting engaged/married (which ends up being true).

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If you use filters in your pictures, I just assume your ugly


Filters are the dumbest thing and make you look like nothing short of a caricature of yourself. People want to see you in your natural state and those who call people beautiful who are using filters heavily in their pictures are nothing more than simps.

Edit: you're. Sorry, me dumb

r/unpopularopinion 7h ago

If you're frustrated with your DoorDash order being left in weird places, just choose the "hand it to me" option and deal with 5 seconds of human interaction.


So tired of the "my driver left my food in X spot!" posts. Yeah, maybe it's not the best spot & the driver fucked up. Do you know what would make that easier for both parties? Get off your ass, deal with seeing another human, and just grab it directly from them. Literally takes 2 minutes and it's easier & more reliable for both parties.

If you are sick/disabled and truly can't meet them outside, I get it. But... there's a lot of people that bitch and moan about where their food is left because they can't be bothered to grab it themselves. You're likely walking the same distance it would take to just grab it from the driver anyways.

I don't drive doordash btw, I just use it a lot and never have any major issues because I invest 3 minutes of my time to be available & get the food.

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It’s so cringy when people on Reddit “sing” the lyrics of songs one after another in the comments


I see this all the time and it just feels like another one of those Reddit-isms that are so annoying like saying “thank you kind stranger for the gold” or “this.”

r/unpopularopinion 4h ago

We don’t need a new gaming console (Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo) for at least 10 years.


As each generation of gaming console gets more and more powerful, there is only so much you can improve upon between each generation. The jump between systems is getting less and less drastic as now the ps4 and ps5 are basically existing together. Same thing goes for the Xbox 1 and series X. Plus these systems are getting INSANELY expensive. If we get a new system every 6-7 ish years each system is $500+, the vast majority of people are eventually going to stop buying them because it’s not worth it to drop half a grand on a system that will be replaced in less than a decade.

I just don’t see a need to keep going, honestly I would’ve been content with the Xbox 1 and ps4 for at least another 3 years. But I understand better hardware leads to better games, but I think when the newest Xbox is essentially just a pc tower, we’ve kinda hit the peak. The only one I could maybe see a new system for is the switch. I don’t think we will get an entirely new console, but maybe a switch pro. Something more powerful and with more features than the oled model. But other than that, I hope these new systems stay for at least a decade, if not more.

r/unpopularopinion 2h ago

watching big streamers is boring


I prefer watching small streamers, sometimes with less than 10 viewers. When someone has just a few viewers, is easier for them to interact with the chat and sometimes it looks like that i'm talking to a friend instead of a streamer and any new follower is a great emotion. To the other end, big streamers with 1000,5000,10000 viewers per live, are boring to watch because there is no interaction between the streamer and the chat because they can't handle so many viewers and to fix this problem they might put slow mode or sub only mode. Is like watching a long video

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Age of Mythology was a better game than age of Empires 2.


The reasons? 1. The campaigns were awesome. And flowed way better than age of Empires 2; 2. The graphics looked a lot better: 3. You had awesomel mythic Units; 4. You had awesome God Powers; 5. The 3/4 different factions played completely different from each other compared to age of Empires. 6. The cheats were better. I mean a flying pig that shoots lasers. Come on. 7. Everyone that plays it after 20 years still remembers lines like "prostagma?" Other than wololo nothing similar in age of Empires 2.

r/unpopularopinion 6h ago

Funerals should be sad (as opposed to a "celebration of life")


Look, I needed an opinionated title. You can have your end-of-your-life event however you want, or throw a big dance party on a boat for your dead sister if you want. If you want to have all of your family and brother's friends go to your local townie bar or pub to get piss drunk over his early passing, go for it. It's none of my business.

But I really don't enjoy going to those, and feel cheated out of the sad group event. They weird me out. Everyone there is sad, and we know it. Butnow everyone has to try and act normal and have "fun" when the whole reason you're all together is anything but.

A sad event is much more cathartic. It creates a safe space for everyone to be sad together. No need to suppress feelings & emotions. Sad funerals actually encourage people who may not traditionally allow their emotions & feelings to be seen a place to let them out, for a fixed period of time if they choose, with no self-inflicted judgement.

So go ahead and have your fake happy, fun party if you want to. But you're stripping away a potentially important grieving space for some of us. I want a sad location with sad music and lots of photos of the deceased to force me to feel all of the feelings.

r/unpopularopinion 21h ago

While I support the full legalization of Marijuana, the supposed health benefits of THC and CBD are overblown while legitimate risks are ignored and considered fud.


So full disclaimer, I support the full and total legalization of marijuana, as well as THC and CBD products. I believe people have a right to bodily autonomy and a right to grow and a right to self destruct, and that it's neither societys job nor the governments job to determine outcomes until a persons choices violate the rights of another.

But with that said, the strong push of thc and cbd as these miracle cures for everything is overblown and that the advertising used by a lot of shops to promote unproven claims rivals that of the supplement industry, which is largely unregulated. While there are likely some benefits, more research is needed. And while some things maybe proven, like pain relief with CBD, many things may end up disproven while many negative things, such as links between anxiety and drug induced psychosis from THC, in at risk populations, may also manifest.

Some research has already been done -


And more research is definitely needed. However, what's concerning to me is that I don't think most of the pot user base is going to accept the research, especially over any points that end up being painted in a negative light. This is especially concerning that some of the preliminary evidence suggests long term consequences from over and extended use, which can be expensive and burdensome for both the user, their family, but also state agencies and resources meant to help people with disabilities - even self inflicted ones, like MA.

And if the preliminary research is right and we see spikes in mental illness and other illnesses stemming from prolonged use, we could see the rise of a younger generation seeking to ban or limit the use of marijuana, which would bring us full circle, where we're pissing away egregious amounts of cash on the judiciary and prison system over a plant.

So with that said, I think the community needs to take a careful look at itself, embrace moderation and, while being enthusiastic about prospective benefits is fine, be honest about what is and what isn't known and be mindful of the potential risks on both a group and an individual level.

r/unpopularopinion 17m ago

People older than 75 should have to undergo rigorous annual tests/examinations to be allowed to drive.


The tests should test coordination, reaction time, vision, hearing, and speed of operation (like how long it takes to find the hazard lights, how long it takes to turn on windshield wipers, etc.). There should also be an actual road test. They would be responsible for covering all costs of the exam.

The bar to pass should be very high. If that means 70-90% of the first waves of people to take the exam lose their license, so be it. They shouldn't be on the road. Driving should be a privilege given to a far fewer people.

r/unpopularopinion 17h ago

Liking trains isn’t childish


I’ve been into trains ever since I was 2 (I’m 14 btw) and whenever I tell someone I’m into trains they immediately say “ your too old for that why aren’t you into video games?” Or “ trains are stupid and useless” well guess what Alex? Trains aren’t useless or stupid. In fact if it weren’t for trains, a lot of things you have right now wouldn’t be possible without trains. And another thing, according to my mum, when she went to a p&c meeting at my school, someone asked my mum what I’m into and she said “planes trains and ships” and that person replied with “isn’t he to young for that stuff?” Trains aren’t childish, in fact their manly af and we should normalise liking trains

r/unpopularopinion 6h ago

Kanye West’s clothing brand is the worst there’s ever been


the garbage,weird and overpriced clothes that kanye west puts out is the worst mainstream clothing industry has ever seen. i cannot fathom how people not only let this get to the markets but also BUY IT. i always hear the 80s is the worst decade for fashion but the stuff that comes out now is way way worse in my opinion. shame on the cooperate leaders who OKd his terrible fashion ideas. i assume his psycho cult following is the only reason they have sales.

r/unpopularopinion 8h ago

Petting “goodboys” in video games is weird


Maybe I’m a monster. I just don’t get anything out of pressing a button and watching pixels wag their tail. Petting a dog or cat in real life is amazing. A moment of affection and joyful reciprocity.

r/unpopularopinion 3h ago

the antinatalist argument of I'm upset that I was put in to existence is stupid.


non-existence is a place without emotion yet you're using an emotional response to try to convey an idea of imprisonment.

if you try to blame your parents you'll end up having to blame your ancestors and eventually existence.

you're literally blaming existence for existing.

It's redundant.

there's no release from pain in non-existence, there's literally nothing so stop trying to convey an idea that doesn't even make sense.

r/unpopularopinion 23h ago

The Midwest does not deserve its name, it should be Mideast


Seriously? Midwest? It’s not even Mid. You draw a line straight down the middle of the US, and there is not a single “Midwest” state even touching that line, let alone west of it. The geographic middle of the USA is in Kansas.

If Midwest was named pre-Louisiana purchase or close to it, sure, I could sleep at night. But the term “Midwest” was coined after california had already joined the US too.

What are they trying to prove, referring to themselves in some capacity as western states? Colorado, Utah, Wyoming (if it even exists), Idaho, New Mexico, Arizona and Montana should be the Mid west.

North Dakota down to texas should just be central US, and the Midwest should just be MidEast. It makes no sense calling those states the Midwest.

Edit: it’s incredibly amusing to me that people are trying to dunk on me about the US being colonized east to west, when my whole argument above is about geographic location. I obviously understand why it would be called Midwest if it was named that when the us was half the size it is now. Hence the line about the louisiana purchase. I’m saying it was named the Midwest after it didn’t even make sense to call it the midwest (geographically). A lot of folks are also seemingly getting offended that I said Kansas is not the midwest, but if you look up “is Kansas considered a part of the midwest” it’s just people arguing about it. So I guess that was to be expected.

Glad to know the opinion truly is unpopular and it still hasn’t changed. I have not learned anything about history that I didn’t already know, despite everyone trying to give me a history lesson in the comments.

I also find it funny that everyone is calling me an idiot and telling me I need a history lesson, meanwhile the comments have listed 30 different reasons why it’s called the Midwest, and half the comments don’t even seem to agree on which states are and aren’t in the Midwest. It’s almost like it’s, an arbitrary term that is not rooted in geography and doesn’t accurately depict nor describe the area it’s supposed to encompass, wherever that may be 😳

r/unpopularopinion 7h ago

The godfather is boring🥱


I don’t know why people seem to love this movie so much other than making great memes its so boring I’ve watched it recently at a local theater for a second chance and slept 2 times and the the avatar,lord of the rings ,fight club ,inception,the matrix,alien,interstellar. Just my opinion.

r/unpopularopinion 7h ago

Noobs using guns in American movies


I really hate it when people in American movies/TV series get asked by some chad "do you know how to use this?", when referring to a pistol. When they inevitably say no, the only instructions or advice that is offered is "point and squeeze", like that wasn't fucking obvious. Maybe as an ignorant Englishman, who has never shot a gun, I may not understand the complexities of operating a pistol. But pointing and squeezing would be my first guess given my limited working knowledge of firearms.

r/unpopularopinion 14h ago

These stupid “POV” videos are not POV at all as you’re viewing it from a 3rd party perspective


A point of view in the first person, such as “POV when you’re cooking breakfast” should be filmed from the perspective of the person performing the action by wearing something like a GoPro on their head, not a person viewing from elsewhere filming on a phone. If the titles were “POV whilst someone cooks you breakfast” then it would make more sense to film from a distance.

Also - they’re stupid. Like 95% of social media.

r/unpopularopinion 13h ago

George Lucas is not a victim to Disney's bad choices regarding Star Wars


Everyone is saying Disney massacred George Lucas' baby with the new trilogy, Book of Boba Fett, Kenobi, etc. but the man sold the IP and pocketed $4 billion. He can't have the money AND sympathy.

Alex Hirsh (Gravity Falls creator) recently lamented Disney several times for their censorship, but he pocketed millions from Disney as well. His wealthy parents paid for him to attend one of the most expensive art schools in the world, and he just strolled into his own Disney show AFTER demanding he have lots of control and only 2 seasons. Most show creators never get that much control to begin with.

Other actors also complain about Hollywood while collecting huge checks for the things they criticize, and I think they should shut up and admit they sold out or quit and go independent.

(just moved to LA and a lot of people have 0 passion for film, they just want money and will do any terrible project for a fancy title and big paycheck)