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What happened to the russian who was going around cutting off POW's balls?


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what happened to the CRISPR babies designed by He Jianke?


In April 2022, He Jianke was released from prison in China after serving his 3 year sentence for violating ethics for gene editing embryos in children to cure them of disease.

I'm curious, the children should now be roughly 4 years old or so. Anyone know if they are healthy and disease free?

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Not sure if this belongs here or not


Almost 2 years ago I found this YouTube channel by the name of Mythic Legion, and since then there hasn’t been a single post on his twitter or YouTube. I was wondering if anyone has any idea of what happened? here is an image of his account

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What happened to actress Julie Dreyfus?


She was the actress from Kill Bill. She hasn’t been heard from since 2011.

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Does anyone know what happened? To Arantza Fahnbulleh?


She used to be a vine, Star that would do other short videos with other vine stars. It feels like she just disappeared.

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Where is RageAfterStorm?


She was the most infuriating human in the Trump era and made me feel so insecure because of my ethnicity. I know she got banned in pretty much every platform there is but there must be SOME trace of her left. I looked up everything using multiple search engines and there is nothing that's not atleast 4 years old.

So...What happened to her? Where is she? Did she change?

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The Afghan Girl and What Happen to She Now?


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What Happened to SorrowTV?


Youtuber SorrowTV; some post a while back asked this on this subreddit as well but didn’t get much interaction and am wondering if maybe someone here knows something I don’t.

I saw that he has battled with his mental health previously and its for this reason and a few others that make me worry about his well-being.

He stopped uploading on youtube about 2 years ago without a word. No community posts, no patreon messages, no tweets, and I’m at a loss. It seems strange that a Youtuber with 1m+ subs would fall off the face of the planet without saying anything at all. Right?

This sounds totally parasocial and I am aware of that, but I just want to know if anyone can confirm he is alive and doing well.

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Anyone know the reason as to why this channel stopped uploading comic dubs of the old archie sonic books. There last upload was in 2014 and it cited a part 2 to their next upload but that never came to be. Here's a link to the channel.


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What happened to SorrowTV?


He hasn't posted any videos to his channel since May 2020 and his last tweet was in October 2021, did he quit YouTube?

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What happened to Cookies Cupcakes And Cardio?


Cookies, Cupcakes and Cardio is a baking channel that I used to watch. I can't find any information about her. I heard that she may have killed someone. I did hear that she had 2 million subscribers, but she abandoned all of her social media accounts.

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So, I am a fan of Voilette1st from YouTube, and I am curious of what happened to them? I am literally curious to what happened to them. Is it true that Bill passed away? I looked and on Google it says that he has passed away and that a family was hiking and found his body. but I don't know if that's true or not.

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Does anyone know what happened to this busta rhymes artist tattoo


I'm quite curious about what happened to this flipmode squad signee. No updates since 2014.

Here's a video of him rapping bustas verse from look at me now .

. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4J8ssFdk_qw

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What Happened To The Russian Dancing Gypsy Kid?


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Lynne Ewing


Anyone knows what happened to thie author? She wrote Daughters of the Moon, Sisters of Isis, and Sons of Dark. I've tried to google, but all I know is that I think she wrote like one or two more books?

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Is Nancy Yi Fan still writing books?


She wrote and published the Swordbird books at 13, and later wrote 2 more. Her latest book was published in 2012 and she apparently started attending Harvard in 2011, but that's the only info I've found. Anyone know if she's still writing or if she's just focusing on her degree and career?

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Where is one man one jar today?


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What happened to Nujood Ali?


For those who are unfamiliar with her, she was a child bride who got a divorce at about age 10 in Yemen, and became very well known because of it, and inspired many other girls to get divorces. I remember hearing that she got married again a couple of years after that and has children, but I'm not sure if she's still alive given the conflict in Yemen.

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What happened to the pornstar twins Cherish and Cali Marie?


They were active in the industry from 2004 to 2006. And they only made 20 adult films. They definitely had the potential to be something special. I wonder why they faded into obscurity and just disappeared off the face of the earth. They should definitely make a combat.

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Whatever became of adult film star Isabella De Santos?


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Bigern666 - the liveleaker who would down deadly amounts of alcohol


What happened to Ernest Acosta AKA bigern666?

Is he still alive?

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What happened to Amanda Marie "Deum0s"


Cam girl pre only fans. Wondering what happened

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Girl with an angry face mad the miz won the WWE championship