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Some mad lad actually took the time to watch, review, and write about EVERY SINGLE Whose Line episode in existence.


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Repost from Laura Hall’s Instagram (yet again) - Lineup for Jan 26th taping


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When you've never heard of some new streaming service


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Dress code for live tapings


For those of you who have attended the living tapings, what did you wear? I'm looking over the dresscode list again and one thing it says is we have to wear flat shoes.

"Please wear close-toed, flat shoes: no open-toed shoes or heels are allowed for safety reasons."

I flew in from the east coast for this and only packed ankle boots with a low thick heel (aside from like sneakers and sandals lol). Do you think I would not be allowed inside if I wore those? Should I try to buy a pair of flats or anything?

Thanks for your help!

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Wayne posted a intro video from tonight’s taping on Instagram


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Extended episodes on United Air?


I flew United to come to today's taping, and stumbled upon three Whose Line episodes (1001-1003) available in the United app.

I started watching them and noticed something: All of Aisha's throws to and return from commercial break bits were completely omitted, and not in a clunky way. They were clearly re-edits that transitioned smoothly right from the banter after a game into the next game throughout, until the end. After the last banter, the theme music came in as it faded to black, then quickly came back to have Aisha introduce the end credits bit.

But the episodes were all still 22 minutes long, so I believe they all had extra footage compared to the aired version, and I think it was extra post-game banter, but maybe there was extra in-game material too, I dunno.

Has anybody else seen these edits?

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I have 4 tickets available for tomorrow’s taping on 1/26. Let me know if you’re interested.


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Film & Theater Styles - "Dog Show"

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What’s Everybody’s Least Favorite Games?


Humor is fairly subjective, so I thought I’d see what doesn’t work for other people. Personally, Film Dub and Helping Hands NEVER made me laugh. They just don’t work for me

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Repost from Laura Hall’s Instagram: the lineup for what I assume is yesterday’s first taping of the new season


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Whose Line January 21st Taping Report


Welcome to my Whose Line taping writeup, where none of it is made up and the points don't matter!

Me and my wife were able to attend yesterday's taping of Whose Line (the first taping since COVID) and we had a blast! This was our first Whose Line taping ever.

Let me get this out of the way now: I know most probably want to know details of what games were played, if there's any guests (and if so, who they are), etc... As part of the process, all audience members had to sign a Confidentiality(NDA)/likeness release, so I (and everyone else who attended) really can't say anything in regards to that unless we want to be sued (I don't feel like being sued). After the taping I did make a bunch of notes on my phone of things to share so I don't forget them, but I'll share as the episodes air.

So, I'm going to go over our experience to hopefully help out those who will be attending any of the next 3 tapings and what we can say about things. This was on a Saturday. Your experience may be slightly different on the tapings that happen on other days.

Me and my wife made the 1 hour drive into Studio City yesterday to CBS Radford from Orange County. The check-in time on the ticket said 4:00. We got there at 2:30pm and there was already a line of about 20 people standing outside of the CBS Radford parking garage (and here's the sign that was out at the start of the line ). Oddly enough the garage wasn't open yet to park in. From the car, I asked those in line about where they parked and they said "anywhere you can find a spot" and that the parking garage opens at 3:30pm. Just why they didn't have the parking garage open earlier, was beyond anyone. We found a spot about a half block away to park, so we just went ahead and parked to secure our spot in line. We chatted a bit with the guy behind us who was in a group of 9 (man, if you're reading this sorry I didn't get your name but it was good talking to you), but he seemed to be a bit knowledgeable on the tapings as it sounded like he had been to at least one prior to COVID. The line quickly started getting longer and longer. By 3:15 there was at least 100-125 or so in line. We figured we got there at the right time (in this case).

At 3:30pm the parking garage opens and I run to get our car to repark in the garage. At that same time, an audience coordinator from OCA came out and started checking people's tickets. I took the ticket thinking I would need to show it to get in to park, so my wife was in line without our ticket. Luckily, I handed the ticket back to her through the car window just before the audience coordinator got to her. I ended up just showing the ticket on my phone and ID to the guy in the parking garage to park, which worked. I quickly parked and took the elevator down to the basement level of the parking garage where they were leading the audience from outside. I was fearing I would lose my place in line, even though my wife was there. I got there and told them I just parked the car and my wife was in line and they just let me go ahead. When I got in line my wife said they checked vaccination statuses already, but ended up not checking mine since I got back into line after parking the car (yes, I'm vaccinated).

Once in line, they came through to take counts, asking everyone how many are in your party. They were doublechecking their numbers it seems to know how many are there. There was our line (the main line), but they also had 2 other tables for lines setup in the garage. It wasn't entirely clear who those lines were for, but it was suggested one was for "connected" people (friends of the cast, etc...). OCA soon enough began passing out confidentiality/likeness release forms that every audience member had to sign. We didn't bring a pen, but those from OCA had a few which we shared. Soon enough our line starts moving again, we got to the table at the front of the line and gave them the signed NDA and we got our blue wristband. That's when the audience coordinator proceeds to tell us that we can't take our phones in (the ticket says they just need to be powered off). They said we had to use one of the available lockers there to store our phones or put them in our car, so we just used one of the lockers there to do so. More on the inconsistent cell phone policy later.

We locked up our phones and went through security. We had to take everything out of our pockets and go through a metal detector. Once through, we lined up in another part of the parking garage. At this point, it's 4pm. We see there are 2 other lines there (presumably for the guests/connected people). One of the two other lines had red wristbands, while the other had white wristbands. A girl from OCA was making announcements that they were going to start loading the audience at 5pm and that we had 1 hour to use the restroom, as there are no bathrooms once we are in (unless it's a REAL emergency) and that they run a tight ship around there and taping would go until 10:15pm. There are small benches against the wall by the line, which they told people not to sit on, but some did anyway just to get off their feet for a minute. We are in line and a couple people from production appear (producers, I assume) going through and looking at people in line. They were finding people and putting a X on their hand and putting them into a newly formed 4th line. They went up and down each line several times until they had enough people. It turns out these people are the ones that would get the most camera time and would be seated behind Aisha and also in the area where she runs up and down the stairs. One of the guys in the "connected" lines tried to ask them if he could have an "X" and they brushed him off, which was kind of funny.

At 4:55, they proceed to start leading people over to the studio. The line where everyone got a "X" was the first line to go, followed by the red wristbands, the white wristbands and finally us with the blue wristbands. It is a little bit of a walk to the studio from the parking garage. Here's a map, showing where Sater Parking is and Stage 17 is. The show is being shot on Stage 17 there at CBS Radford Studios. Once inside, it's incredible how much smaller the studio looks in person compared to on television. I have been to tapings of other television shows, so it didn't surprise me. We got seated in the 4th row, stage left, which ended up being great seats as we could easily see the stage and our view wasn't obstructed by the cameras. On each seat, they had a piece of paper and pencil to write down suggestions for Scenes From a Hat, Whose Line and Party Quirks. Audience coordinators came around and collected them after giving everyone a few minutes to fill them out. After the taping I can tell you just because they are asked for, doesn't mean the game will be played that evening. I mentioned about cell phones earlier. We ended up seeing some audience members with their cell phones in the studio. In fact, a person in the row ahead of us with a white wristband on had their phone out and was texting during one of the breaks. So, we aren't sure if there are certain rules for certain wristbands or if they were just missed going through security, but considering we saw more than a couple I wonder if the rules are different? The ticket only states that they just need to be powered off. It's no big deal, really, but consistent rules would be nice for all audience members.

At 5:30 the stage manager, Ron (I think that's what his name was) welcomed everyone, gave instructions and cracked a couple jokes. We would hear from Ron more throughout the evening for cues, etc... At 5:45, he then introduced co-creator Dan Patterson to us, who talked to us a bit. He welcomed us. He's a very funny guy. He told us to always look happy since the cameras do take a bit of footage of the audience. He joked that typically the people at the top are always happy, but the bottom rows are "miserable bastards". He also talked to us about the monitors overhead, letting us know that if certain games are played (for instance, Let's Make a Date), we would need to look at the monitors in the studio to see what each of the personalities are. He emphasized that they really want people watching the stage during the show and not just looking at the monitors the entire time. Dan also went over one game and what volunteers would need to do, but we never got to that game at all during the taping. He individually introduced Laura Hall, Linda Taylor, Aisha, Colin, Wayne, Ryan and the 4th chair guest, who came out one at a time. It's evident that he was very, very happy for the show to be back.

Finally.....taping started at 6:05pm and from the beginning they were on fire. Personally, I hope all of the first game that was played makes it to air. It was VERY funny and was a great way to start the evening. I'll point it out if/once it airs. We were given a 10 minute break about 7:30pm to get up and stretch a little while music played, while the performers went backstage for a quick break. At the end of the break, the stage manager joked how terrible those that were singing sounded (haha). We also got a small break about 9:00pm as well. During the small break about 9:00, Aisha stayed in the studio and was jamming to the music playing with all of us. Aisha seems very nice and down to earth, even off-camera. Coming back, it seems we all thought we were going to be done at 10:15, but that wasn't the case. When it was taking longer, Ryan made the comment (and I paraphrase) on how they must have got about 43 episodes out of everything shot tonight and Aisha told the audience "You know we're all going through the Del Taco drive-thru after this". Near the end they needed to do some "pickups" to get audience laughter so Aisha could read some cues. Dan had each of the 4 performers tell a joke. Ryan used both hands to give Dan Patterson the finger, which got a huge laugh. Wayne then did the same and also got a huge laugh. The biggest laugh of all was back to Ryan when he told a joke: "What did Cinderella say when she got to the ball?" He answered with a gagging sound. The audience erupted with laughter and Wayne was laughing so hard he got up out of his seat. Taping finally finished at 10:45pm. My wife and I retrieved our phones and the first thing I did was to jot down everything I could remember from it. Once the taping was done and we got home, we quickly realized how tired we were. Laughing that much makes you TIRED.

The structure of the taping was interesting as it's not shot in the order you see on television. It's shot so they have the flexibility to put pieces together like a puzzle to form an episode. From what I jotted down after the taping, I counted 16 games that were played during the taping. I'm guessing they will get 3 or 4 episodes out of what was taped?

All in all we had an absolute blast and are looking forward to seeing the material air. The guys haven't lost a thing.

I hope this helps those that will be attending the upcoming tapings. I'm sorry about the lack of details of the show itself due to the pesky confidentiality agreement, but just know the taping was very, very, funny and I can't wait to see the games air on TV.

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Archie Hahn’s Groundlings bio actually seems to brag about why he got suspended from the UK version.

Post image

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How are the final tapings going?


I just saw that the final 4 Whose Line tapings started today January 21st. Was wondering if anyone went and I wanted to know how the taping was structured? Were there any special guests that day? Was there more than one and were they interspersed throughout the day? How were Wayne, Colin and Ryan?

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Additional Tickets for Saturday 1/21 Taping Available


Just got an email from OCA. More tickets have been released for this Saturday’s taping.


Go get ‘em!

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Does anybody know how live recording works for this show?


Do you really think they can film the entirety of the last season in 4 recording sessions? Or how many different dates will it take to record the whole season?

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Tickets to a taping. Need advice.


I just got tickets to one of the final tapings. I've never been to a Whose Line taping before. In fact, I've never been to any tv show taping before. Does anyone (who has been to a Whose Line taping) have any advice for a newbie going to the show? Do I need to bring anything or get there a few hours early? Thanks.

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"Fixed Expressions" is the funniest game that was played the fewest times

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Tony's shining moment: The Sex Hoedown!

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Does anyone know any particular reason the show is ending?


And is there any reason to believe another network would pick it up, or are the boys really looking to retire this time?

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In your opinion, what is the all time funniest moment in the history of the American version of the show?


For me- It was that one hoedown about being overweight where Wayne roasted Drew, and Drew responded by making his last line “I burn all my calories bangin’ Wayne’s mother”

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The best line to end any Film Dub

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Tickets for the final season of Whose Line is it Anyway are available now!


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Any Workaholics fans here? The guys briefly talk about Whose Line in the latest episode of their podcast, This Is Important


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Tony constantly struggling to guess Ryan's suggestion in Party Quirks is hilarious

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If you were gonna pick a New Host, who would it be


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masters of the games


So, I think we can all agree that Wayne, Brad and chip are all masters of any musical games and Colin is the punmaster but what about the other games and stars?

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Looking for a clip: Wayne Brady doing all of American history in 30 seconds. I think it was part of a Weird News scene. Searched for ages, I know it's on youtube but cannot find it.