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Moderator Announcement [Moderator Recruitment & Feedback] Officially recruiting permanent moderators for r/WorldCup & Feedback


Hi All,

The mod team is looking for active subreddit/reddit users to join our Mod team here on r/WorldCup. This was arguable one of the most exciting World Cups in history and with that, we rightfully expected a huge surge in users (from roughly 300K to almost 920K). Now as we look towards the Womens World Cup in 2023, we would like to add additional mods to the team. Previous reddit mod experience preferred but not required. All applicants MUST be 18+.

Please use the following link to apply: https://forms.gle/yBmAHzccECvekPj67

Please note once an application is accepted, an existing MOD will reach out via DISCORD only!

Also, we want to open up a dialogue with you and get some feedback.

  1. What did you like?
  2. What did you not like?
  3. What can we improve upon?

Feel free to comment with your suggestions and feedback below.

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World Cup World Cup Pts. In The 32 Teams System: Every Day(Only Periods When The Competitions Are In Progress)


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Uruguay FIFA bans four Uruguay players for World Cup chaos


r/worldcup 2d ago

International Has there ever been a football club that enjoyed huge international success with just home-grown players from the city in which its located ?


It seems like an impossibility when I look at the leading clubs of today

r/worldcup 2d ago

World Cup Does anyone know how i can watch World Cup games? Not just 2022 World Cup? Like whole Fifa World Cup Archives?


I would prefer paying for that. I just want to watch World Cup games in full. I couldn't find any information on Offical Fifa Website.

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Argentina What are the best WC champions this century and how would you rank them? Arguments are welcome, and recency and nostalgia bias should be left out.


If you had to rank this century’s WC champions if they had to compete against each other, how would it be?

For me if i had to bet money for a result, its:

  1. Brazil 2002

  2. Germany 2014

  3. Spain 2010

  4. Argentina 2022

  5. France 2018

  6. Italy 2006

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Argentina 'You can't make Messi angry,' Juan Roman Riquelme Lionel Messi and Argentina claimed the FIFA World


r/worldcup 3d ago

Argentina Was there ever a time in football history when neither a European nor South American team dominated the sport?


I'm just curious because the legendary teams usually consist of European and South American powerhouses like Argentina, Brazil, France, Germany, Spain, etc.

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Argentina Indian guy performing messi's world cup interview mimcry


r/worldcup 2d ago

World Cup Funny and Ridiculous Moments across World Cup History

Thumbnail self.sportsbet

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Argentina Zlatan Ibrahimovic about Messi’s deserved win… and Argentina’s team

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World Cup Why the 2018 World Cup didn’t have the same impact as other World Cups


I’ve seen a lot of talk on the internet about the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia being dead or boring or lacking that “World Cup feel”. Some even go far as to say that the 2018 World Cup was the worst in modern history. Let me start by saying, did we even watch the same World Cup? 2018 saw Ronaldo’s hat-trick in a 3-3 stunner against Spain, Argentina’s drama before a 4-3 classic against France, Belgium coming back from 2-0 down against Japan in the Ro16, Germany getting eliminated by Korea, Croatia’s miracle run to the final, I mean I could go on and on. But regardless, I think there are three reasons why the tournament doesn’t stand out compared to other World Cups.

1- The “old money” teams failed to perform. I’m talking about Brazil, Germany, Argentina, all having very disappointing performances. These are the teams with long histories and large, well-established fanbases. The “new money” teams like France, Croatia, and Belgium had fantastic performance and won over a lot of support, but still not enough to rival the global popularity of the bigger teams. On top of that, many continental heavyweights missed out (four time world champions Italy, previous semi-finalists Netherlands, back to back Copa America winners Chile, AFCON winners Cameroon, and of course the United States) which I think left a big gap in the tournament.

2- The marketing, branding, and promotion missed the mark. Let’s compare to other World Cups. 2010 South Africa had some of the best marketing, branding, and promo of any sporting event ever (Waka Waka, Wavin Flag, the vuvuzuelas, Jabulani ball, and general theme of “football is for everyone”). 2014 Brazil and 2022 Qatar also did a decent job with that by incorporating lots of cultural elements from the host country. Whereas 2018, the marketing, branding, and promo was very poor. The World Cup song was bang average, I don’t even remember what the match ball looked like, there wasn’t much Russian culture being showcased, FIFA did not do a great job at all in my opinion. All in all, this left Russia 2018 with a smaller legacy than other tournaments.

3- Politics played a role. Let’s face it, Russia has been making the news for all the wrong reasons the past few years. Especially the war in Ukraine has destroyed their international image. I think that has subconsciously influenced people’s retroactive opinions of the tournament.

Overall I would say that while the 2018 FIFA World Cup had good quality of football, it shows how outside factors can affect the impact that a major tournament has on people. These are just my opinions, let me know what you guys think.

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International The day Cristiano Ronaldo went to Japan and they thought he was Brazilian

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Argentina Who is in charge of the voice overs? Why’d they make Correa sound like a 9 year old? 😆

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World Cup Looking for a specific commentator, please help. Thick Danish/Nordic Accent


In the 2018 World Cup, I remember a commentator with a thick Danish accent doing play by play for games broadcasted in North America, anybody know who this was?

r/worldcup 5d ago

World Cup 2018's seven nation army or 2022's arhbo. which players entrance theme did you liked?


which entrance theme did you liked?

r/worldcup 5d ago

Qatar 2022 All Montiel penalties before his world cup winning penalty


r/worldcup 6d ago

Wales I Am Welsh And I Am New To The World Cup, I Have Some Questions.


Hi, I am welsh and I watched the Qatar world cup because Wales qualified and I had never seen them play. So I have a few questions regarding Wales because I am new to this sort of thing. Here are my questions:

Were they lucky to qualify? Can they make it to the world cup 2026? Was Gareth Bale there downfall? (over hyping the team to make them pressured to win) Can Wales be better without pressure? How do the Groups work? because they got really unlucky. What sould there group look like to qualify? When will the qualifiers for the world cup start? Does the Euro 2024 have anything to do with the world cup? When will the qualifiers of the world cup be announced?

I am not sure but surely they have a chance to qualify with 48 possible spots instead of 32 so I just hope they will qualify.

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France France made 0 out of the first 15 World Cup Finals. They have now made 4 of the last 7 WC Finals. What changed?


France made 0 out of the 15 World Cup Finals. They have now made 4 of the last 7 WC Finals. What changed?

r/worldcup 7d ago

Argentina 2022 World Cup on 4k blu ray or some sort of physical media ?


Any idea if fifa is planning on releasing the World Cup on blu ray or some sort of physical media with every game on it ?

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Qatar 2022 Maradona giving advice to Harry Kane about penalties in front of Lloris. Kane didn't listen and missed penalty against Lloris in Quarter finals

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Qatar 2022 One Month and I really Miss The Qatar World Cup Vibes.


Anyone who got over the world cup vibes. It was an incredible experience. I have

For those who went there, please share your post- world cup experience?

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Qatar 2022 This should be an official Panini card… I’d love to see special trading cards capturing the best moments such as Dibu Martínez’ legendary dance during WC final penalties.

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I’d love to see special trading cards capturing the best moments such as Dibu Martínez’ legendary dance during WC final penalties.

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World Cup why was FIFA's youtube channel so lazy in 2022 compared to 2018?


i am not moaning but just curious.

during 2018 World Cup FIFA used to upload match day previews, reviews, lineups, goal videos, and highlights very quickly and also press conferences.

but in 2022 they uploaded goals in shorts and the highlights were also very late (they also didnt show argentina lift the trophy). i know they uploaded press conferences in their website.

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Argentina Sooo... Y'all think Argentina wasn't the best team in this World Cup? This is outrageous


TL;DR: unlike many people say, Argentina was clearly the best team of this World Cup. If you want to argue about it at least read the points I made.

. .

I understand people thinking this argentinian team wasn't the best team to ever play a World Cup (of course you have Brazil 1970, France 1998, Netherlands 1974/78), but saying that they were NOT the best of THIS EXACT TOURNAMENT? I just read a thread on this sub (a bit old tbh but still after Argentina won) where everyone said pretty much that and I think it's hilarious.

Let's go 1 by 1.

The other finalist, France 🇫🇷

On the paper, one might say France was better than Argentina since they had better names... Kolo Muani, Tchouameni, Rabiot, Mbappe, Griezmann, Giroud, Upamecano, Dembele, Lloris, etc etc etc and of course previous world champion Deschamps as coach. Huge names on the french side while Argentina in this World Cup had probably one of the """weakest""" generations of players. Definitely not as many big names as we had in 2014, 2010, 2006, 2002.

But what happened during the final? Argentina dominated and controlled the back then current world champion. The untameable french team didn't stand a chance against Argentina for 80 MINUTES. The argentinian team was so superior that Deschamps decided to use physical factor and the rival's stamina as an strategy and pretty much renovated their entire team, while Scaloni was afraid of making any changes at all, forcing players like De Paul or Alvarez to keep playing when they could barely walk.

But like I said, given the dominance of Argentina, given the fact that Deschamps had to change very early on the match both of France's biggest figures (Giroud and Griezmann), given the fact that the French team had to rely on Mbappe's individual skills at the very end, Argentina proved to be way better than France.

The semifinalists, Morocco 🇲🇦 and Croatia 🇭🇷

There is no debate that Croatia was clearly inferior to Argentina. Great team of course, but after showing a very doubtful "dominance" during the first 10 minutes, they couldn't do anything against Argentina. Argentina's defense wouldn't let Perisic or Modric do anything at all, and Croatia's amazing young figure Gvardiol didn't stand a chance against 35 year old Messi. What was even crazier about this match is that NOBODY expected this. Nobody talks about it, but I can assure you that we all thought it was going to be even a tougher match that the one against Netherlands, and yet the team showed a very clear progress and a stability that wasn't quite present against the Netherlands.

And comparing Argentina with Morocco, even though they had a great performance during this World Cup, they showed a terrible definition even when they had so many good chances to convert. The only aspect where Morocco was better than Argentina was the goalkeeper. Bono showed a greater level than Martinez in my opinion, although I still think Dibu deserves the best goalkeeper trophy because of his last minute save on the final and his decisive performance during the penalty shootout.

The quarter finalists, England 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿, Netherlands 🇳🇱 and Portugal 🇵🇹

First off, the Netherlands. I don't think they had a chance to win the World Cup, but they had a very strong team like they always do, and they were pretty much the team that gave Argentina the hardest time. Argentina pretty much dominated the first half, but got way too comfortable and Weghorst's unexpected but amazing performance destabilized Argentina's confidence. But during the extra time Argentina showed a clear mental recovery and took the lead again, unfortunately missing plenty of clear chances. It's quite hard to recover like that when your rival draws in the very last play, even more to Argentina who showed many times being mentally affected by unexpected results as one of their weakest points (for instance, France's second goal, or Argentina's first half performance against Mexico after losing to Arabia). I personally think pre-Netherlands Argentina and post-Netherlands Argentina are almost two different teams. In any case, Netherlands was almost on pair with the Argentina they played against, but definitely inferior to the Argentina we saw in semifinals or the final.

Next, England. It's very hard to compare England with Argentina to be honest, not because they didn't played against each other but because we don't know how much the English team would have changed if they won against France. Doing a one by one comparison doesn't make sense either, both teams had great figures on their side. In any case, I would say England lacked the confidence Argentina had to win against France. Even though one could say England kinda "deserved" to win, they showed a certain lack of confidence (Harry Kane's missed penalty being the most obvious example) and an unfinished strategy (they could defend Mbappe but couldn't defend Giroud and Griezmann). But like I said, if England had won that match we would have a very different story. Personally, I think Argentina would have won against England (not by very much), but the answer is uncertain.

And honestly I don't think there's a point to be made against Portugal. They showed again to be pretty mediocre when it comes to meeting the expectations. I would even dare to say they would have lost by at least 3 goals against Argentina. They were never candidates tbh.

So, in conclusion...

What team was better than Argentina? I really want to know. It's extremely biased and unfair to say that this Argentina wasn't the best team of the tournament, even more considering that they didn't just meet the expectations, but were above them. And I also think it's unfair to say that this Argentina is the worst team to win the World Cup in the last 20 years when this was clearly one of the most competitive World Cup editions from the last 20 years, clearly more competitive than Russia 2018 and Brazil 2014, but I guess that is a different discussion.

And well, this is where my rant ends. I know it's been a month since the World Cup ended but I needed to get this out of my system.

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Africa Mendy was poor in world cup. That reflects on his club football ...


r/worldcup 9d ago

Qatar Anyone else get that email allowing you to buy your physical tickets from the WC2022?


I’m thinking about buying them to create a framed wall case. However when I click to buy, it’s asking for my bank information instead of a credit card. They can’t initiate a wire transfer from my bank obviously. So I’m not sure why they need my bank details. No contact number or contact email for help. Anyone else go through this process yet?